Start a scene where a character has fainted

Is there a way to cut to a scene where a character has already fainted, rather than starting the animation over again?

I want to open a new scene where a character is on the ground, having already fainted, but I keep on having the character start the fainting animation at the beginning of the scene.

I’ve tried having them faint offscreen in another scene, but the character will just idle stand in the new scene if I don’t specify @CHARACTER is faint

Is there a way around this?

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You could have them do the action before you transition into the scene.
For example:
@CHARACTER is faint
@transition fadeout black in 3

I’ve been trying that, it works for some animations but for some reason, my character just decides to idle instead of stay fainted!

I’m pretty sure they should stay fainted though :thinking: I would do it like this:

&CHARACTER spot s x y in zone 1 AND CHARACTER is faint
&cut to zone 2

@transition fade in black
@pan/cut to zone 1

Do you mind sending your script?

My biggest issue is coming from having the scene zoomed in, if I don’t include the zoom it works perfectly.

Okay, so I suggest having all the overlay commands with ‘&’ instead of ‘@’.
Also I don’t quite get why you have ‘cut to zone 3’ and ‘zoom on 960 210 to 406% in 0’ twice :thinking:

Oops, I didn’t realize that was in there twice!

I tried using the ampersands instead but she’s still fainting at the beginning of the scene, I think I might just give up and Photoshop her into an overlay. Thank you for all your help though!

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but try changing the order in the command so that the ‘MOM2 is faint’ stands at the end :thinking:

you just need to look somewhere alse as long as she will get to the end of the animation.

one way is to cut to another zone and pan to the zone she is, so she has time to faint during the pan.

If you need to see the scene without the pan - use all black overlay instead of transition - put it on top layer and let her faint and afer pause of 1 second (or more if needed) change the opacity of the black overlay to 0 in 1 - it will look like transition.

It’s still not working, what a bummer! I know I can replicate the effect with a background or overlay but it would have been much easier if she just stopped taking so long to faint

The black overlay is a good idea! You’re right, I realized that no matter what I do, the fainting animation just takes too long.

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