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Hello everyone

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with me, be it for my extremely long characters and super late replies, my former posts concerning the community, how much of a control freak I am, or the pointless drama I tell everyone about in The Life Thread. But if you don’t know me, I am Cam, and while people joke about me being this section’s grandma, I take my role as the adult™ of the community seriously. And I want to see all of you enjoy this section in a healthy manner.

Lately I’ve been quite concerned about the lack of organisation on our forums, and while @Lady-Mehek and I have been working in a way to organise it we have not received much feedback, and that leaves us unable to do anything.

However, we have received enough support with the discussion thread for establishing our section rules. In case you have not read the idea, here’s a blurb of what we had planned:

So that’s what this is. Since we already have an open thread concerning our rules, there is no need for us to create another one (thanks mods, for not having closed this).

Here is the link where you can submit any rule you think would be helpful for our community. I will keep the forms open for a month, so anyone can submit as many rules as they want until May 14th at midnight UTC -5.

Remember to be on the lookout for updates on this topic. Hopefully we can make this section an enjoyable place for all of us.

This is a matter that concerns all of the community.
I'm sorry for doing this, but I need everyone's attention and input. It would not be fair to only take into account the opinions of those who happened to read this.
So... I'm tagging everyone who has ever posted on our section

@IIChanII @16AngelCat @A-Simple-Nectarine @Aleexx @Alexandra2 @allure-me @Allyy20 @Amara.Faust @amelianelson @Aohebe_S @AwesomeAnon @benitz786 @bethanyk14 @Briar.R @Bubbles @BurgerRP @carolinedm @CookieCrumbs @COVERS_just_for_you @CrazyCaliope @Cricket_Master @Cristy @DanicaBescae @Darling_episode @dasha_author @Deeno @DestinySabreTime @Dogeyes @Echo113 @Ella @EpisodeGirl @Estefi @fal.renet1398 @FallenAngelNight13 @Gigi_is_me @girlboss @epi.alyssaa @Hannah_Minna @Infinite @Izzxepisode @jdepisode @Jelly_Pringlez @JesusLover2.0 @KACY_episode @Katykk @KeelyKiwi @Kittenlove @Konny.writes @L375 @Lady-Mehek @LHT @LiaMina @lilysmith10 @LittleElf @Lizard @LovingLostCities @LTea @Luciaricci @LukeDaCat @LumTwo @LunaLovegood @Luxinos @Lysandra_x @Zabica @Mariyana @Mashia @Mei @Mia @Mia_Tumblr @michael @milla20 @MissPaige @Mistystar89 @MockingJay @monalla @Moonlight @Munchii @MusicalVoyager @MysteriousAcro @MysteryMaker @night_owls @Nova @Once @oorgeloop @passionatewriter_tah @Purple_Ghost @PurpleRose @Queen_Faith @QueenChid @queenkhadijah999 @Res @RudeInception @Bomi @Sagarika112 @Sahara16 @Sarina.K @Sasha.Skyla @Sbernerrr


Just tagging the ones I couldn't tag on my last post. Please check it out

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What? I still don’t really get what is the purpose of this??



To have a set of rules for all of us to follow. These rules should make help organising the section, therefore making it less stressful and more pleasant to be here.



Okay thanks

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What does ORP mean???



Out Of RP. It’s generally used to say something to RPers that isn’t related to your RP post. For instance you could use it like this-

She walked into Example High School for her first day. She was so nervous- she had no idea what to expect. She looked around. Everyone seemed so perfect. What if nobody wanted to be her friend? She took out a book and began to read it, occasionally glancing up at the people walking by her.

ORP: She’s approachable, in the halls





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Hey there,
I wasn’t quite sure who I should ask or where I should post this. However, with what is mentioned in this thread, I thought this is the most appropriate place.

So, I posted an idea into the ideas thread, about a month ago, and received quite a few votes on it.
I’ve recently had a wave of ideas for it and have started planning. Though, before I get too far along with planning it out, I wanted to check that this idea was viable and not in breach of the guidelines.
Yes, I am aware that this idea is a “little” violent and the characters are technically tortured, but I am not trying to glorify it. I just find that many horror/thrillers are quite violent and have victims who are tortured, even if just through fear.
I plan not to describe the traps with too much graphic imagery (through words, no pictures). The main concept for the characters is to escape with the others, unharmed. I will not write what happens to them or how they escape (they do this), I only write how they are trapped and clues on how to escape.

My idea

Would this be possible?




Hi Caliope!

This is what the mods have told us regarding violence/torture. You should definitely be fine on the traps so long as you be careful not to be really detailed with them- what you’ve written sounds fine. If you’re ever in doubt about whether something specific is too violent or not, feel free to message any of the older members of the community or a mod (but I recommend community members tbh, mods tend to be a bit less involved with our community lol) for help.

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Thank you very much. I shall continue planning then, though it will take a while to do so.
I will definitely do so if I face any difficulties or queries.

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Does this mean fight scenes aren’t allowed?



There can be fights, it says No graphic explicit detailed descriptions

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Okay, thank you. :thumbsup: What would be considered graphic, explicit, or detailed?

I don't mean to annoy you all but I'm making a magical girl RP so I didn't want to break a rule.

@Ryan (since I think you are a mod?)
@Lady-Mehek (since you seem to know a lot about RPs?)
@RudeInception (just in case you didn’t see this?)



rule of thumb: if you think an average 13 year old would be uncomfy with seeing it, or if the description seems to be longer than up to three regular sized sentences, I’d say reconsider. feel free to PM any RP oldie if you’re ever unsure about a particular post.



I was wondering, do you have to have a Google Slide thing or can it be PowerPoint? Also can people sign up in the chat?



While faceclaims don’t have to be on Google Slides, most of them are. You can use PowerPoint if you prefer.

Many sign up threads are now are titled “Sign Up and Chat,” so RPers can sign up and write ORP/OOC on the same thread so it doesn’t clutter up the RP. (I think this is what you meant, but if it wasn’t, I’ll explain it.)

If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me or the RP oldies. ^-^



@Once Thank you so much for you help. I really appreciate it. :smiley: :heart:



I have an suggestion. This is about creating and managing rps. What I’m trying to say is that when someone solo makes a rp the changes of them being on everyday is slim. And so I offer that when someone created a rp they will need a partner (or partners) to help them with there idea.


So I think that we all know that the most successful rps are the ones where you have the whole group works together to kept the rp clean and respectful. But the rps That not doing so well is the ones where there’s only one OG and that OG could be gone for days or weeks. Making the rp that we (RPer) was really excited for gone, and nobody likes that. Still we hate it more when we have to wait longs times for rps to start (because of the OG life and important matters) and some really good rps die before they even start because of that.

But it will all change if we make double OG where we don’t have to worry about starting a rp without help, and we role players won’t see a dead rp before it start because they still will be one person that will help the rp continue moving. That goes the same with rps that start instead of having fun for the first week and than being delayed for days or more because the OG have problems they had to fix, you still have another OG that will kept the rp going, and Haha no rps would die unlesss both OG lefts.

Thanks you for reading my statement tell me what you think.
P.S I didn’t know where to put my idea so if it don’t belong message me and I delete it



I think it is a great idea that can be promoted, but making it a rule would make things more restrictive then they should be.