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Before you create a new story, make sure there isn’t one like it already happening. Dive into that, first!

If you would like to share your story for feedback, please post it on Share Feedback or Promote Your Story.
Be kind and respectful to other writers here. If someone is taking a story in a place you didn’t want, tough cookies. Play along and have fun. On the flip side, do not maliciously try to take a story somewhere, dominate a story, or become “God” (unless it is a story about Gods…) In general, play nice.

Here are some more specific guidelines to keep in mind:

Sexual Content:

  • Explicit sexual descriptive details of what is happening or has happened in scene is also not allowed.
  • Nudity on cover art, character art or images is strictly not allowed.

References to Drugs & Alcohol:

  • No graphic / explicit / detailed descriptions or glorification of the use of drugs / alcohol.
  • Characters can consume alcohol, tobacco or marijuana as well as make references to these drugs.
  • Characters can make references to harder drugs (cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, etc.) but they cannot be depicted.
    • If a story references characters consuming these substances, it cannot be glorified or encouraged.
  • Characters can be addicts or addicts can be referenced provided the representation is respectful, contextually appropriate and doesn’t glorify being an addict.

References to Assault, Violence & Torture:

  • No graphic / explicit / detailed descriptions of rape / assault / violence / gore / etc.
  • Authors can give general descriptions or broad strokes, but not details.
    • Ex: they can say a rape / murder / assault happened, but cannot describe the details, injuries or physical sensations.
    • Physical or sexual abuse can referenced provided the representation is respectful, contextually appropriate and doesn’t glorify being a victim / survivor.
  • Torture cannot be depicted in any images. References to torture, and evidence of torture are allowed, but cannot be explicit or gratuitous.

Suicide & Self-Harm:

  • Themes of suicide and self harm are allowed on the Episode platform, but must be presented respectfully, maturely and in a non-glorifying way.
  • No graphic / explicit / detailed descriptions of suicide / self-harm / etc.
    Authors can give highlights or broad strokes, but not details
    • Ex: they can say a suicide / self harm happened, but cannot have in-depth descriptions of the details, injuries or physical sensations.
      • Suicide and self harm cannot be depicted as feeling good, being a relief, or as a means of escape.
  • Creators cannot show blood, gore or bodies resulting from a suicide.
    • Ex: blood dripping down the wrists, cuts, gunshot wounds or a body hanging in a noose, etc.

Hate Speech:

  • Hate speech - in any form - is not allowed. Specifically, references of – including but not limited to – any slur made on the basis of race, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation.
  • References to persons who promote hate, and notorious political figures are only allowed in historical context and passing reference to communicate setting, era, theme, and / or time.
  • Promotion or honoring of hate symbols is not allowed at all.


  • Authors may promote their story, Episode related website and / or Episode social media account.
  • They may not advertise or promote other services or platforms on the Episode services.

If we find that a story does not conform to our Content Guidelines listed above, we will remove the thread, contact the thread owner via Direct Message. Creators of threads who repeatedly violate Content Guidelines may be temporarily or permanently suspended from the forum.

These guidelines are provided for reference purposes, but remain subject to our Terms of Service.

Copyright Policy & Take Down Requests


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Hi Admin! We appreciate you putting up this set of rules, and the specific set of guidelines is extremely helpful to us as RPers as we write and create.

However, I’d like to bring up a few little things I’d like to recommend be added to and/or removed from the rules. First of all, you’ve written this section-

And I’d like to point out that our RP/SG community is not a place where we encourage the promotion of stories. We strongly feel that this belongs in “Share Your Stories”, and would like to ask that this section of the forums be limited solely to RPing and participating in story games.

Also, you made a reference to cover arts in your section about sexual content, and we would like to point out that for the most part, RPs and SGs have no cover art, and those that do have always merely been an image with the name of the RP on it or a reference to something in the RP. You also repeatedly refer to RPs/SGs as “stories”, and due to the fact that it may cause some confusion among newer RPers, we would like to request that you change the word “stories” to “RPs/SGs”

I would also like to let you know that we have a pre-existing set of guides, and we would really appreciate it if you incorporated the rules we have created for ourselves with your own official rules, as they strongly agree with each other, but our guides offer some insight generated by the community from having experienced life in this section-

How to RP/SG.
This guide, created by @AwesomeAnon a while ago teaches new RPers how to RP, how to SG, and the difference between RPs/SGs. These are many questions that came up commonly, and her guide has been exceedingly helpful in resolving them.

How to Portray Abuse/Serious Topics.
This guide, created by @Cam provides a helpful guide for many RPers to be able to understand when serious topics should be used, and if so, to what extent and why. It underscores the importance of being able to recognize when a serious topic has gone too far, and at the same time, encourages research and caution as they’re explored.

How to Spot and Avoid Mary Sues.
This guide, created by @TheBluNerd , and later contributed to by SnowyKonomore, helps RPers be able to spot and avoid cliches and potential areas of god-modding in their characters. It provides an introduction to creating characters that are flawed, unique, and interesting.

We sincerely hope you take our suggestions into consideration and implement them. We are definitely open to discussing rules we established, guides we’ve created, and anything else with you.


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These are awesome suggestions! There is some overlap, but we will do an update as soon as we can with some extra help from those. Thank you very much!

In general, we refer to RPs/SGs as “stories” for purpose of not being too specific. And, as far as “cover art” we have seen some contributions have have been… not within standards–and (especially with our shiny new image tools) want to prevent that from happening with a fair forewarning. How does “OP images” and “player images” sound opposed to “cover art”?



OP/Player images definitely sounds a lot better! Also, would it be possible to mention that you’re referring to all activity in this category when you say ‘stories’? Stories seems to have the implication of Episode stories, and it was a little confusing at first to realize the intention of the word when I saw the rules.



Ah! That makes sense! Thank you for your feedback! :blush:

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About our New Forums!


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Genders and Pronouns in RPs/SGs

After discussing this matter with some fellow RPers, we have noticed that several RPs do not provide the option for gender diversity therefore I am here to suggest that:

  1. More RPs/SGs provide the option for all genders rather than simply male or female. [List of genders below].
  2. More RPs/SGs provide the option to specify a character’s pronouns rather than assuming them.

Personal Gender Pronouns

Definition: A “personal gender pronoun” (or PGP) is the pronoun that a person uses for them-self.

  • He/Him/His/Himself
  • She/Her/Hers/Herself
  • They/Them/Their/Theirs/Themself
  • Ze/hir/hirs
  • Ze/zir/zirs

Gender Identity

Definition: The concept of self as male, female, a blend of both or neither – how individuals perceive themselves and what they call themselves. One’s gender identity can be the same or different from their sex assigned at birth.

Here is a masterlist of genders. The list is too long to be copied and pasted but I believe that it is important that we are aware of the fact that there is more than two or three genders which we should try to include and portray accurately in RPs and SGs.

Note: Please inform me if I am missing anything from these lists.
Thank you to @Cam for the list of genders and @Luxinos for the pronoun.



I have moved this post to this thread because I believe new RPers should be informed of this as well.
The terms ‘Demisexual’ and ‘Demiromantic’ are commonly misunderstood or misused because we aren’t really recognized the way other sexualities are [many do not believe we are valid] so as a person who is demisomethingsexual I’d like to just point out these small yet significant details.



Demisexual: A person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a emotional connection. This is a type of gray-sexuality.

Demiromantic: A person who does not experience romantic attraction (if that’s the correct word) unless they form an emotional connection. This is a type of gray-romtic.

  1. Please don’t make your character’s romantic/sexual orientation as ‘demi’ if they are simply characters who are ‘hard to get’ but then easily form that kind of relationship with another character.
    Remember, they need to form an emotional connection (and for most people that means becoming friends first but I can’t speak for everyone).

  2. Whilst it is a sexual and romantic orientation, I advise against writing just that for your characters (unless you don’t want to specify what genders your character is romantically/sexually attracted to) because ‘demi’ is simply a prefix which doesn’t indicate what genders you’re attracted to but that you require an emotional connection for you to be attracted to the gender you’re attracted to.


  • If a female is sexually attracted to females and identifies as demisexual then she is homodemisexual.
  • If a gender neutral person is romantically attracted to all genders and identifies as demiromantic then they are pandemiromantic.
  • If a male is sexually attracted to women and identifies as demisexual then he is demiheterosexual.

Thank you ~ Please ask if you have any questions.



Hello everyone

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with me, be it for my extremely long characters and super late replies, my former posts concerning the community, how much of a control freak I am, or the pointless drama I tell everyone about in The Life Thread. But if you don’t know me, I am Cam, and while people joke about me being this section’s grandma, I take my role as the adult™ of the community seriously. And I want to see all of you enjoy this section in a healthy manner.

Lately I’ve been quite concerned about the lack of organisation on our forums, and while @Lady-Mehek and I have been working in a way to organise it we have not received much feedback, and that leaves us unable to do anything.

However, we have received enough support with the discussion thread for establishing our section rules. In case you have not read the idea, here’s a blurb of what we had planned:

So that’s what this is. Since we already have an open thread concerning our rules, there is no need for us to create another one (thanks mods, for not having closed this).

Here is the link where you can submit any rule you think would be helpful for our community. I will keep the forms open for a month, so anyone can submit as many rules as they want until May 14th at midnight UTC -5.

Remember to be on the lookout for updates on this topic. Hopefully we can make this section an enjoyable place for all of us.

This is a matter that concerns all of the community.
I'm sorry for doing this, but I need everyone's attention and input. It would not be fair to only take into account the opinions of those who happened to read this.
So... I'm tagging everyone who has ever posted on our section

@IIChanII @16AngelCat @A-Simple-Nectarine @Aleexx @Alexandra2 @allure-me @Allyy20 @Amara.Faust @amelianelson @Aohebe_S @AwesomeAnon @benitz786 @bethanyk14 @Briar.R @Bubbles @BurgerRP @carolinedm @CookieCrumbs @COVERS_just_for_you @CrazyCaliope @Cricket_Master @Cristy @DanicaBescae @Darling_episode @dasha_author @Deeno @DestinySabreTime @Dogeyes @Echo113 @Ella @EpisodeGirl @Estefi @fal.renet1398 @FallenAngelNight13 @Gigi_is_me @girlboss @epi.alyssaa @Hannah_Minna @Infinite @Izzxepisode @jdepisode @Jelly_Pringlez @JesusLover2.0 @KACY_episode @Katykk @KeelyKiwi @Kittenlove @Konny.writes @L375 @Lady-Mehek @LHT @LiaMina @lilysmith10 @LittleElf @Lizard @LovingLostCities @LTea @Luciaricci @LukeDaCat @LumTwo @LunaLovegood @Luxinos @Lysandra_x @Zabica @Mariyana @Mashia @Mei @Mia @Mia_Tumblr @michael @milla20 @MissPaige @Mistystar89 @MockingJay @monalla @Moonlight @Munchii @MusicalVoyager @MysteriousAcro @MysteryMaker @night_owls @Nova @Once @oorgeloop @passionatewriter_tah @Purple_Ghost @PurpleRose @Queen_Faith @QueenChid @queenkhadijah999 @Res @RudeInception @Bomi @Sagarika112 @Sahara16 @Sarina.K @Sasha.Skyla @Sbernerrr


Just tagging the ones I couldn't tag on my last post. Please check it out

@ScarletSwanHunter @ScarletV @SecretNinja @sfg @Silkyshows @SillyCupcake22233 @SilverStar @SomePerson @Star8 @Starstruck @StripieHead @Supermegamon62 @swisi_forum @TheBluGeek @themaystorms @ThornyGhost @Tiger_da_floof @ViviOfficially @Wintermoon05 @Yeah09 @Ypsilon @YT_Zparkles @Zada



What? I still don’t really get what is the purpose of this??



To have a set of rules for all of us to follow. These rules should make help organising the section, therefore making it less stressful and more pleasant to be here.



Okay thanks

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What does ORP mean???



Out Of RP. It’s generally used to say something to RPers that isn’t related to your RP post. For instance you could use it like this-

She walked into Example High School for her first day. She was so nervous- she had no idea what to expect. She looked around. Everyone seemed so perfect. What if nobody wanted to be her friend? She took out a book and began to read it, occasionally glancing up at the people walking by her.

ORP: She’s approachable, in the halls





What are roleplays?
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Hey there,
I wasn’t quite sure who I should ask or where I should post this. However, with what is mentioned in this thread, I thought this is the most appropriate place.

So, I posted an idea into the ideas thread, about a month ago, and received quite a few votes on it.
I’ve recently had a wave of ideas for it and have started planning. Though, before I get too far along with planning it out, I wanted to check that this idea was viable and not in breach of the guidelines.
Yes, I am aware that this idea is a “little” violent and the characters are technically tortured, but I am not trying to glorify it. I just find that many horror/thrillers are quite violent and have victims who are tortured, even if just through fear.
I plan not to describe the traps with too much graphic imagery (through words, no pictures). The main concept for the characters is to escape with the others, unharmed. I will not write what happens to them or how they escape (they do this), I only write how they are trapped and clues on how to escape.

My idea

Would this be possible?




Hi Caliope!

This is what the mods have told us regarding violence/torture. You should definitely be fine on the traps so long as you be careful not to be really detailed with them- what you’ve written sounds fine. If you’re ever in doubt about whether something specific is too violent or not, feel free to message any of the older members of the community or a mod (but I recommend community members tbh, mods tend to be a bit less involved with our community lol) for help.

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Thank you very much. I shall continue planning then, though it will take a while to do so.
I will definitely do so if I face any difficulties or queries.

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Does this mean fight scenes aren’t allowed?