Started drawing my own backgrounds! [NEW UPDATES]

Hello hello!

Just started practising drawing my own backgrounds and decided to share them for free to the community :slight_smile: There’s only two (three kind of) for now but I’ll be drawing more in the future. So if you are interested check my drive out

Here are some sneak peaks:


example2 example1

Make sure to read the terms of use before adding to your stories! And please don’t add to Pinterest or other sites.

Let me know what you think! :relaxed:

If you want to stay updated you can follow my IG: @nataliesky.writes


love it. :grin:

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they look amazing just wanna note I usually look up art here because we have a lot of people stealing art claiming its theres, and I am happy to say I didn’t find anything.on yours

Thanks I guess? :smiley: You can find the timelapses from my Instagram of the process :relaxed:

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thanks for letting me know that.

I stopped trusting people about art here long ago, I am always really happy when I see actual real credible artist here


Ok but these are fabulous girl! :blob_hearts: :exploding_head: Keep up the amazing work!

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I feel ya! I’m sure it wont be too long until I’ll find these on Pinterest :upside_down_face:


dont doubt that, pinterest is the thief website

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Holy smokes these are beautiful! I’m definitely going to credit you when I use these in my story! :heart: :heart_eyes:

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these are amazing :heart_eyes: can I use them in an Outline Contest? :eyes:

If you read the terms of use it states that you aren’t allowed to use them in edits :slight_smile:

ooo sorry!

these look so dope!


these are amazing! they look like episode original backgrounds! man I can’t wait to see you draw some school/city ones omg!!!


Oh my my- these are soooo good :clap:t3::clap:t3:

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These are so amazing!! :heart_eyes:

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These are totally beautiful-LOVE IT!!!

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