Started using the mobile create first and now I'm stumped!

Hey guys,

I started writing a story from my phone using the create tab on there but it is very limited so I moved to the online version instead as I want to make the story as good as I can!

But this is so much more complicated that the mobile version and I don’t really understand the scripts very much! If anyone has any advice they can give me that would be really appreciated!
I’m about 6 lines in and so confused!

And yes I have read the tutorials and forums but I figured I Ould ask incase anyone else had anything they might want to share!

Thanks :slight_smile:

PM if you have any directing questions! I’d love to teach you and help you out!! :wink:

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Honestly, Every thing I learnt was from tutorials made by Joseph evens
Click to go to his YT Page

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Thanks guys! I’ll Check that out and WinterMoon05 I’ll be sure to PM you!! :smile:

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Great! :slight_smile:

Moved to Directing Help & Tips as that’s where scripting questions live! :v:t2: