Starting 1st Story Help!


Hello everyone,

I am currently going to start planning a story I would like to write on episode. A short description about my story would be a cute Comedy/Romance about Dracula and his daughter and how they have moved from their seculded house in Transylvania to L.A. California. It would be about them adapting to living in a more socialized area like L.A. since their were secluded before and never socialized!

But now the real help I am having issues trying to plan out how to start off the episode. I have brainstormed ideas in my head on how I want the story to go. But for the life of me ideas of starting it have not come to mind. Therefore I am asking everyone for suggestions. I mean I thought I good start off with why they are moving but I didn’t really want to start the story with narration and I wanted to save it for like a flash back later on. I did create a Air port scene where Dracula and his Daughter are trying to get on their flight to L.A. but I just I don’t know.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :relaxed:


I think great ways that could capture attention is by the main character’s narration. Its simple, but it does the trick. Is the main character the daughter? If so, you could start out by maybe having the main character say “L.A California.” “That’s where I’m moving.” I think it draws attention to that, and grabs the readers attention. Another way you could do this is maybe starting with a conversation that indirectly informs the reader about her situation and moving. The conversation could be the moment Dracula tells her they are moving and the first line would be " Los Angeles?!" and then a shocked or angry animation, followed by “We can’t move there!”. This indirectly tells the reader and I think this would grab my attention. You could also just ask yourself “What would make me want to keep reading?” Hope this helps! x


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Thank you so much! Yes the daughter will be the main character and I will definitely take your advice thank you so much!


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