Starting a Art Group, anyone want to join?

Hey, can I join? I don’t mind if you say no. :smile:

I just started a few weeks ago



If you can, get back to me soon!

Sincerely, Neptune

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Sure! JUst make sure to practice on erasing the white lines :wink:

yeah of course! Tysm! :smile:

Hayya gurl I could try but I wouldn’t be able to take many requests at once because I need to finish some in some other art threads/groups.




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thank you well I practise a lot… :blush::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:

Just asking, decline if needed, can you make me a profile pic? I understand you put a lot of effort in them so it’s fine if you deny. :sweat_smile:

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No I could, but let’s talk in PM and it depends how hard your request is and yeah about that…
just PM me your…

…Character deets
…Outfit (Optional and may be custom)
…Pose (Optional and may not apply I may do a custom one)

im new to episode forums, like i’ve never had an account in episode forums until now. how do I get to PM?

Just click on my profile pic and click the message butto nand put a title and the things I wanted fro myou in the bio/text

Is this still open??

Of course! And @Jayl, I’d love to have you. :blush:

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Okay can i send you here or pm you?

Here would be fine.


I’ll make a group now!
Any ideas for a name?

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No idea but make a PM for it so we could talk about it

lmao i wanna join

Do you have examples of your art?

Yes let me find them haha