Starting a Art Group, anyone want to join?

I have a question? What were you looking for specifically in the art we send?

I want it be LL and maybe digital.


found it sending

Actually, It can be anything. (I thought I was sending on a different thread. Oops)

(its not the best lmao i get it)

You mean something like this?


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I like it! Is it the only one you have?

No i have another one

ill find it wait :joy: :joy: :joy::joy:

I would love to join your group if possible :slight_smile:

Just some stuff

I love it!
Of course, you can join :hugs:

BTW, could you make me a drawn LL cover

I would love to help you! But you’re gonna have to give quite a bit of time as I’m currently working on some others too :pleading_face:
So if you’ve got some patience with it PM me the details :sunglasses:

I’ll do that!

Hey @Florpetal07 can you tell me what you didn’t like about my work.

Not rly. Nevermind.

I don’t not like your drawings, but you do need some practice. I like your cover edits though, and I wish you’d shown them before. I’m seriously reconsidering adding you.

If you do thanks. Also I know I just started drawing.

omggg sorryyyy it took so long

(looks really bad but okayyyy)

Do you still need anyone else? :thinking: