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Hi, thanks for opening this thread. I’m in need of 1-4 artists for each of the roles needed below.
Splash editor
Art scene editor
PFP editor
Cover artist
Banner Creator
Overlay Artist
Character Editor

Must include examples
Not everyone will be accepted
Share your desired position

Please don’t let this flop :heart:


I would like to be one of the following:

  • PFP drawn if possible…
  • Drawn Covers.
  • Splashes. Drawn if possible.
  • Examples:
Click Me.

Outline by @Bumblebree.

It says who’s the outlines by but outlines by @Turtle_Cat

You can definitely be a splash artist! your stuff is really good

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Aww thanks love. :two_hearts:
Want me to PM you?

Yes. and no problem!

I can do…

  • Edited Covers
  • Splashes
  • Edits
  • PFPs

I think your talents would be best suited to be a cover artitst :heart:

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no problem

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Ooh! I can do:

  • Covers (Ink only) - edited -
  • Splashes (Ink and LL) - edited -
  • Character details sheets
  • Backgrounds - edited -
  • Pfp’s (Ink and LL) - edited -


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You’re really talented!! I think you’d be perfect for a cover editor and maybe some splashes if your up to it :heart:

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:yay: thank you! :yay:

No problem girl !!

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I can do

  • splashes
  • pfps
  • covers
  • banners

So i don’t have an example of splashes and covers. But i can do them…

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You are really talented to girl! I can’t wait to start working with you. I think that formally you should be a cover artist but in the future if you want to take on projects other than that, then that would be absolutely fine. :heart:

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:persevere:Your joining. :hugs: Eeeek time to act like a stalker me and you are gonna be bestest if friends… :expressionless:

@adriacakes204 Were you gonna make a big group chat them of all of us?


yes, just waiting for everyone to join first

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Okay. :two_hearts:

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wdym :lol:

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Uuh okay cool