Starting a new art shop, Sign up to be an artist!

I can do drawn covers, splashes, backgrounds (if given a size and specific details), character design, banners! I can do about anything you could possibly put me up to, although you can put me up to a specific roll, if possible!

for specifics i was just wonder what you want your role to be, although you’ll probably be given many different ones

Covers and character design are something I would love to do (both drawn)

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okay i’ll your details in the thread soon, it might be tomorrow since i don’t have my computer right now

Ok! Thank you very much! So, covers and character design? I also have one more piece of art to put in my examples!

I’ve never done something like this so just ignore me if I’m being stupid.


There isn’t much but that’s because I’ve mostly only made character sheets (I started a request thread two days ago here)
I can’t do anything drawn, unfortunately. I can work in any style.
I’m not sure what roles are open anymore, but I’d be open to

  • Splash Editor
  • Cover Artist
  • Banner Creator
  • Character editor (not sure what it means but sounds interesting?)


no you’re not being stupid💗, and i can add you as a splash maker if you’d like

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I’d love that! :heart:

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i’ll add you to the thread tomorrow

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Can I be art scene artist?

do you have any examples

no problem :heartpulse: i’ll put you in the thread tmmr

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yeah i’ll add you to it

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i don’t have any art scene examples. but i can show some random drawing.

that’s fine too

  • Cover Artist
  • Splash maker


I am a Cover and Banner Artist.

Here’s an example of some of my work.

Cover Art :arrow_down:

Banner Art :arrow_down:

Character Creation (Bonus) :arrow_down:

I hope I can get accepted into your community because I really want to join! :blush::raised_hands::open_hands:

Hey, sorry I am co-owner of the art shop that was made for this. The person whom made this hasn’t been seen in some time and the art shop made is closed at the moment, including this thread as we are not accepting anyone else.
Thanks! ( :