Starting A New Story | Need Coders, Writers, Designers and more

Hi it’s Aerh AKA Ayca. And I’ve just been thinking for awhile to start my first episode story. But I kind of got a short idea of a girl having magical powers involving nature. I’d like it to involve love and mystery. So I was hoping if anyone is willing to help with writing/scripting and coding as I am not good at that when it comes to using episode. It would be a pleasure. You can message me on social media:
Snapchat: amizrak99
Instagram: aerh_episode

I am good at most of those things. I an be your partner

Sure! Do you have Instagram or Snapchat? If so add me from above!

Already did!


I could help with designing if you’d like as im not too good with scripting.

my ig is (@ahan.aa)