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Authors name:Jazzimay94
Title:Southern Medicine
Jasmine Bell is a Nurse Practitioner in Atlanta and the last thing she needs is a man to interfere with her career path. What happens with one night of hanging out with the Head of Medicine Vy Nguyen?


@Jazzipooh94 thank you for creating this post, it’s very nice of you.:slight_smile:
and @daniepisodewriter, Both you’re stories sound really interesting so I’ll be checking them both. If you want I can also make a review or just do a read.
Also if you want to check my storie here’s the details:
Title: Shattered Souls
Author: SS
Genre: romance
Style: Ink


I really was afraid at first when I started reading cause I don’t really do like scary stuff but from what I was able to read it is really interesting thus far and I hope you continue to write>


Savannah’s Light
Genre: Mystery

Pearle’s visions of her sister are getting stronger and the messages are getting clearer. Will these visions cause Pearle’s high school experiences to crumble?



Love if people would try out my story!!

Title: Shipped Off
Author: XSydneyX
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 3 and more coming!
Style: Limelight
Description: Catalina never cared what people thought but with an unexpected expulsion she is shipped off to boarding school in Colorado. Secrets, lies and LOTS OF DRAMA await her at Braxington

Link -


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