Starting a story is the easiest part (discussion)

I think starting a story may the easiest part of the whole process. The most exciting part is getting to feel all the possibilities and potential of your story without feeling the weight of feedback, carrying through with the plot, or pressure. The hard part of writing on episode is after the first three episodes; after the story is out there for anyone to see. It can be hard to be motivated when your story is out there, waiting to be updated, but not many people are reading it. You can’t see the low number of reads when you’re writing the first 3 episodes- there is still mostly hope. But once it’s out there, it’s hard to know when it will ever get attention. The only way to get success is to just keep going and keep telling a story that you hope will one day make it on a shelf or blow up. It’s hard. So, in my opinion, starting the story is the easiest part ; the happiest part. I think the reason many stories don’t get recognized or finished is because of this reason- the lack of motivation to keep it up after seeing little receival of it. I think it’s important to acknowledge this, so we can we aware that if we keep going, it will be difficult, but will do us good if we stick to it.

I feel optimistic; if you keep putting your story out to the 5, 10, 20, people that read it, you have a chance to make it on a shelf; and if not that, to get experience in going through with a story. There is something to gain, even if there isn’t an audience right now. So, in helping ourselves continue to tell our temporarily unheard stories, we should acknowledge that it will be tempting to start a new story- but it won’t do us good in the long run, in my opinion.

What do you guys think? Do you have trouble feeling tempted to have that feeling of potential and excitement when you’re deep into your current story, wanting to start another? Do you think starting a new story is the easiest part?

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I absolutely agree! I feel that for the majority of episode writers, there are so many story ideas buzzing around in our heads. Starting a new story, customizing new characters, and all the things a new story entails is sometimes much more enticing than completing our published story. After I start to write a story, I start to loose motivation the farther along I go. So you’re definitely not alone in this!


Agree on this so much, I just publish chapter 15 on my story, and I feel so tired of writhing on my story. I think its a mix of my story is long and a mess because I am winging it, I wrote the 3 first chapters in two weeks it was for a contest and I started late because I didnt have an idea before. but also the fact I have not time to write for a couple of mounths, and my winter depression is throwing me for a loop. I love this story, the energy is just gone.

not to mention the non existing engament from readers. I love my readers. I have a group chat with very nice people who are fan of my story. I love them, its great, I just wish you know people would comments and such when I post sneak peeks and such. my instagram feels very…empty, despite haveing like 400 follwers.

I love starting new stories. I often get ideas, a few I start writhing though.


I often have the problem of writing something and then absolutely hating it later and scrapping it entirely. That’s why I’m not publishing something until it’s completely finished.

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When someone is done with their 1st 3 chapters, they start to understand the hard part one by one… That’s why many stories don’t even get published…