STARTING A STORY... (most essential things?)

Hey! So I’ve been wanting to write a story for a while and now I got it all figured it out so, I just need some help, what are the most imporatant things when it comes to start a story! I already made some characters and some outfits but I’m new at all this stuff, and I need a cover and all that stuff so I need someone to make me a cover or help me at least… any help is welcomed!

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Hey! @soufsidesoulja, just go to next go to GUIDES , in the left row you can see the sentence Before You Begin click on the arrow next to it and you will see the sentence _Starting Your Story In Portal _ , there will be a lot explained.

My opinion about what’s most important is:

  • let people customize their own character but also there love interest(s)

  • let people make choices of how they will react or what they will do

  • Also let people choose what to wear by making a few pairs of outfits to choose from every time you’ll let them change.

  • also let people have the chance to change their make-up, so their lipstick and their hairstyle :wink:

  • you can (if you want to) let people have a male but also a female love interest. More people will read your story if you’ll do that.

  • anddd last but not least let people have many choices of customization, it might sound stupid but most people like to have the or one of the newest features.

Good luck I hope it helped.

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Hi! I do covers and such if you are interested :blush:
here is my thread:

you can find great cover makers on the art resources category!

other essential things to making a story would be learning how to do advanced directing so your story is more appealing to readers.
also, letting readers customize their character often helps them become more personal to the MC and make them want to continue reading! letting them choose their name also helps with this too!
using overlays is good for making scenes look better, and this is a helpful thread that teaches about remembering past choices.

if you need any directing help you can always ask here and someone will help you
other great threads to help can be found in the directing help & tips category. good luck, and let me know when your story is out, i’ll be sure to read it :’) <3

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use this use this use this! i WISH i found this before i started my story! it’s actually so beneficial to story writing, no joke! good luck with your story! :grin::two_hearts:

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