Starting a story

I’m absolute crap at starting stories or any writing project so I was wondering how this sounds.

“We were running, away from our whole life.” A cloud of fog was chasing us. My sister was lagging behind, my mom was practically dragging us. Suddenly I heard a scream, it was my sister she had tripped. The fog began to surround her, I yelled at my mom to stop. My mom was stone faced and said “We have to keep going” I was shocked, this was her own daughter. “But-mom.” Her eyes were Misty as she said “We have to keep going.” I was horrified, what if I had fallen into the fog? I made a split second decision to jump into the fog. I heard my mom scream my name, but it was too late. The fog inveloped me, no matter where I end up my sister will be there.
Beep Beep
“That dream again?” I stood up and looked in the mirror (It’s been 10 years… Why do I keep on having this dream?) “Am I missing something?” It was 7:30 I had a little time before work. “I need coffee” Ever since that night I’ve been searching for my sister. The fog brought me here so she must be here too. I just haven’t found her yet. I was sitting down and enjoying my coffee when suddenly I smelled something irresistible, it smelled like pine and rainwater. I was stuck in a trance until it started to get closer. I hid my scent as fast as I could. As soon as I did a man came in, (crap) I knew what this meant… this mysterious man was my mate. (I can’t leave now or else it would be suspicious), a few minutes later a older man left, (okay, I should wait a little bit longer.) Everytime someone left I would say that, while watching this man out of the corner of my eye. This went on for God knows how long. Untill I checked my phone “crap 5:30pm I’m gonna get fired” (how could I stare at him for this long?) Oh well I should leave now. As I left I saw him come out, (Does he suspect me?) I picked up the pace and so did he. (Crap this is a big problem)

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