Starting a weather effect at a specific time in the story

Hello everyone,

I’d like to start my weather effect at a specific time in my story.
Is it possible ?

Thank you !!

To add weather effects to your story you have to add them to a backdrop. So like this:


Replace with whatever effects and backdrop you want.

Hope this helped. :wink:

Yes thank you but is it possible to make it start at a specific time and not straight at the beginning ?

For the overlay is possible by writing the code :
&overlay XXXX create

Is there something similar for the weather effect ?

If you would like it it the middle of a scene, the only way to do it is to replace the backdrop with the same one and start the weather effect and put the characters where they were before.

So just do the exact same thing but put the weather effect in.

Oh ok thank you ! this will help !!

Your welcome. :two_hearts: