Starting an Instagram account

I decided to start an Instagram account where I’ll be doing reviews(I’ll try to be nice but honest) and occasionally recommend books, artists, proofreaders etc. However I’m not really sure how to get started(finding followers and growing a fanbase)
If you have any tips please help.
If you’re interested my Insta is @evie_pierce
If you want me to review your story(public or private) let me know

I recommend to use episode hashtags on your posts, like #episodereview #episodereviews and if you don’t already, you should have people fill out reviews through a google form as opposed to DMs so it’s easier to keep track of everything. When doing reviews, it’s best to tag the author. You can also use a color scheme for your reviews to keep everything neat and spacers if you like. Usually episode accounts will have epy, epi, episode, writer, etc. in them.

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