Starting editing✨🌸

Hi guys! So your lil pal here decided to start doing some editing, and I’d like to know which apps (free if possible🤧) do you use to edit backgrounds/make custom poses/overlays etc…

Thanks in advance!:pleading_face::two_hearts:

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For mobile I like to use Picsart and Ibis paint
For pc I use pixlr
All are free!


Tysm! I’ll definitely check it out!:two_hearts:

i use ibis paint x (mobile) and it’s a great program (it’s free too lol)

you can use GIMP (on PC) Pixlr X (PC) PicsArt (both mobile and PC)

if you ever decide to spend money, procreate and photoshop are great but they’re not needed


Thank you very much!! <3

I highly recommend ibisPaintX since its free and super easy to navigate

I also like VSCO to add filters and such after I’m done drawing/editing

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!!


Tysm lovely!:two_hearts:

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