Starting fresh on my passion

So i’m done with school so a major distraction is done, allowing me to have more time to write. Now I still have work and life tho but I want to keep my passion for writing going. I have some characters and some part off the story as well as a small scene. There will be art scenes as well! My story is a fantasy/love/drama. So if you are interested in partnering if the story does well we get paid you will get part of the share but for now I just want to focusing on doing what I love and that is writing. The story name is “My immortal Love”. If you will not be dedicated to just this story and have to many things this isn’t probably going to work so I need someone dedicated. So I need to know the following

  • Your name?
  • Your age? Due to certain story topics.
  • Are you good with coding?
  • Are you imaginative?
  • What are some restrictions in the writing for you?

You can either answer here or private messaging.

Hope you guys will like to try this and can’t wait to here from you!

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Hi, I love writing! I have never written on episode before but I can make killer outfits. I don’t need to be paid I am very imaginative and can help with plot advice if you want. I would rather not publicly tell you my name and age but I can promise you I am old enough if you know what I mean :wink: I can tell you my name if you privately message me, and any other details. I can also draw!

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Hello. I am a local novel writer and a (more importantly) experienced Episode writer, with experience dating back to 2016 (It’s been a few months since my last project so I just need to brush off the rust a bit). If you wish for us to work together, message me and we’ll lay down all the details.