Starting My First Story and Learning to Code: Any tips, tricks, advice, and writing info?

Hi everyone!
I just started learning how to code on Episode and am working on an upcoming story. As it is fun, it is very hard!:sweat_smile: Since I am a beginner, it takes me days to complete/code one scene. Can anyone relate?

I am open to any advice, tips, tricks, and more in regards to coding, writing techniques, basic information in how to promote my story, and more. I would like to learn and get better at coding and writing.

*Please be sure to not get off topic and follow the forum guidelines. Everyone’s replies will be respected and are welcome!

Thank you.

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Hi welcome to the forums!

I’m currently writing my first story too, what really helps me code is Dara’s website:
As for things that are not on there, you can easily find them on the forums. Just search what you need to know and it’s there (well, most of the time).
If you have questions of an error or something you can always make a topic on here and there most likely be someone that’s able to help you :]

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How exciting but I can definitely relate It takes me a couple of days to finish a chapter as well.
But the advice I have is probably write everything down so you don’t forget
And work on one thing at a time because when you’re doing multiple things such as “making the characters”
“finding background”
spot directing it can get very confusing and overwhelming in my opinion so working on one thing at a time can make it easier.

Hello @Dragon!

I didn’t expect for anyone to actually reply to my topic or whatever it is called. Thanks for replying and the advice!:blush:

I have seen Dara Amarie’s website and her guides are quite helpful. And it is good that everyone is helping one another. I will be asking around on here if I don’t know something.


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Do you mean by working on one element at a time for a chapter? Like, work on the characters and dialogue first and then the backgrounds, etc?

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like if you need to make characters let that be your first job and don’t work on dialogue until or anything else until you have all the characters you need because it just makes the coding process way easier!

Got it. Thanks!

I recommend Joseph Evans.

Okay. I’ll check him out.

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Yeah I remember when I first started coding, luckily I had my online friend sal to help me with lot’s of stuff and joseph evan’s videos too!

The most thing that I first ever struggled with was entering and exiting of characters!

What not to do
@CHARACTER walks in from left

The correct way of making a character enter:
@CHARACTER enters from left to screen left
@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center
@CHARACTER enters from right to screen right
@CHARACTER enters from right to screen center
@CHARACTER enters from left to screen right
@CHARACTER enters from right to screen left

Another thing I ever struggled with was spot directing/layering but it is quite easy and trust me it’s very important to have it all correctly in your story!

Overlay placement is easy too! Once you get it!

As for like how to code a car driving into a scene don’t ask me cause I still don’t understand it, yes I watched joseph evan’s video on it but stiil don’t get it :sweat_smile:

Anyway happy coding love!!!

Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind.

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Not a problem love!

Organise your script like this

#SCENE 1 {

here you add the scene


It will toggle and it will help later on to find things :new_moon_with_face:

Alright. Thanks for the advice!