Starting my story, i’d like a co-author/helper

heyooo! i’d like to start my own story, but im extremely unfamiliar with episode coding. the closest thing i’ve done to coding was scripting on twine. however, im a decently quick learner and have ideas, just little to no idea how to start! anyone able to help me out?? :^) i prefer to talk / discuss via discord so it would be great to talk there! i dunno why this was flagged (sorry!!!) but tutorials would be helpful

ah, unfortunately i can’t pay :^)

hey! If you can’t find anyone I can recommend some coding tutorials? There super easy to follow and learn.

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I need a partner also I have a story idea can you help plsss :pleading_face::pray:

i can try and help! i have experience with coding and can help plan scripts and stuff.


Your Instagram handle

So how can we communicate better

that would be helpful!

we can pm on here or my instagram is mer.stories

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I followed you already

Millilola3 that is my handle and I just followed you now

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it says i can’t message you. maybe try messaging me?

I did also the same thing

Do you have WhatsApp?

i dont

Cause you can only message me if you followed me back

Or do you have a telegram?

if you search Joseph evans on youtube he has a start to finish playlist if tutorials on how to code a story

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thank u!! rlly appreciated :))

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