Starting off a Story: Help!


Heyo! So, I’m currently beginning my story, but I would like to make the first chapter intriguing.

Since we have people who love to steal ideas, I’ll PM you the description.

Anyone want to help me start off the chapter? PM me if your interested!


Your story sounds great! I’m not really good at writing but maybe just write a normal day for both characters from their point of views and then have them meet again? I’m sorry my ideas aren’t great :grimacing::green_heart:


I think the idea of having both point of views is amazing, it could add detail and interest. I actually like the idea of having them reunite, and then maybe they could both experience troubles after. Thanks girl! :hearts:


Yeah, like you could even write from their point of views up until the very minute they meet, like showing them both going to the place they bump into each other? Just a thought :heart:


Hi! I would love to help you, and your story sounds amazing! I don’t say that you did anything wrong but people could steal your ideas if you always publish them like this :no_mouth:


Just thought of that, I hate stealers. I’ll take it off now. And PM me girl!


Of course :wink: