Starting out - helpful tips?

Hi! I’m very new to the episode community, but I hope to start sharing my stories! However, I know next to nothing about the writing process, as well as how this community functions.
Are there any helpful topics I can check out to learn how to write an episode story?
Sorry if this is in the wrong category or anything, I’m still trying to figure out the forum layout. Thanks!

I recommend all of @Dara.Amarie’s topics and her linktree, in her bio. Also, Joseph Evan’s website Episode Life and the Writers Portal guides. Hope this helps and good luck! PM if you have any other questions! :wink:

Winter xx

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Moved this to the Directing Help and Tips section! Also welcome @Dudeeey! :slight_smile: If you have any questions about using the forums feel free to refer to this sweet lil tutorial! :v:t2:

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I can see that a lot of helpful resources have been suggested already, but I thought I’d link to the thread I’ve made: Tips and tricks on how to improve your story! - It’s possible that some of the things won’t make much sense until you’re more familiar with the portal and its features, but in case it’ll help you, there you go!

Also, feel free to message me if you ever have any questions! :hugs:

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