Starting out tips



Hi, i’m new to writing stories to publish and i’m kind of nervous to start posting them when I complete the first few episodes. Does anyone have any tips they could give me to make starting out a little easier? Thanks in advance and anything at all is appreciated :smile:


Tell me any way I can help :grinning:


Maybe I can help you a little bit :slight_smile:


I just cut it off by accident and it won’t let me edit it so i’ll just continue it on this one. Basically I’m struggling with the directions I feel like it all looks wrong and I’m trying my best to follow all of the guides that are available but so far I haven’t been able to understand much of it, I find it confusing with the moving to new spots on the screen and all of that sort of thing. I understand how stupid I probably sound but It’s pretty confusing especially as I have just started :confused:


Thank you for replying :slight_smile: whatever you can help me with I would appreciate it a lot!


You just let me see myself a year ago :slight_smile:


I know I’m definitely not the 1st person to feel like this, because it is such a wide platform that a lot of people use and so many people post there stories and honestly I think it’s an amazing thing I really do! Any spare time I have, I am always on episode I can’t go a day without reading my favourite stories and finding new great ones to read too! Have you got any stories up? I like reading any new ones, and if you have any I would definitely read them :smile:


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