Starting with characters sitting?

Hey guys,

I’m still learning coding… and I want to start this story with my MC and her BFF sitting inside a coffee shop talking.

How would I code that?

I know I would have to @NAME is… but how do I make them SIT instead of stand?? Would I just put the idle_sit_neutral_loop? (or talking if I want them talking or eating… orrrrrr???

Yes. Just search the sit animations in the portal and use & instead of @ :blush:

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Thank you!! :smiley:

So… that’s not working? I’ve got the MC in there and then the BFF just kinda POPS IN after MC says her first line. :tired_face:

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Can you give me a screenshot of your script?

place your character before the dialogue using & as @Jade.epi suggest it


&BRILEY is react_sit_checkphone_bored
&TESSIE is idle_sit_neutral_loop

    BRILEY (talk_sit_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
Ugh! Last nights date was AWFUL!
Why are all these guys on Tander so bad?
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I dont… is that the reason why it’s not working? Lort! :woman_facepalming: I’ve still got so much to leeeeaaaarrrrn! Lol

Yes… I’ve been reading the guides and watching Joseph Evan’s YT vids. It’s like learning another language tho. Lol I’m watching them at work (ahhhh! Dont tell my boss) lol

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