Starting writer needs feedback!



Hi guys,

I just started writing a story and I would love to have some feedback! The story isn’t published yet.
I would happily provide you guys with my feedback on your stories as well!

Anyone interested?


Sure, I’ve got some free time right now. What’s your story? :slight_smile:



Looking forward to your feedback, thanks! :blush:


NOTE: You actually have to start at episode 2!


So I’ve read episode 1 and 2.
I haven’t seen any grammar mistakes (but my first language isn’t English, so I might miss some mistakes)
The first one was really short and kind of unspectacular. If someone just reads the first episode, they won’t be hooked on your story. Try to add something that shows a bit of the story and makes the reader want to keep reading. You have a small cliffhanger but it’s not so fascinating.
The characters are great and I’m thankful that you added CC. The best friend is someone I would also like in rl and I can relate to the MC.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it :blush: