Startup problems

Heyy! I’m here for advices or tips of when you’re a new author. You know when you first get an idea of writing a story, you’re really excited about how it’ll turn out to be or will the readers like it or not and you start doing the customization and all that stuff. But somewhere in between, you get another idea for a new story that you’re willing to try or you just feel this story is not good and you just drop that idea and go work on the new on or start thinking for a new idea. And it just goes on. I’m going through this… And the only thing I want is to just publish a story and see it grow.

If you’ll have any tips or advices about this, please do reply to this topic​:pray::pleading_face:

I’m currently dealing with the same thing! I’ve been stuck on chapter 5 of my story for a month because I’m unmotivated, and I’ve already started planning my other story.
In order to stop making more stories, I suggest trying to incorporate some of the elements from the new story idea into your old story. That what I’m trying to do.
Sorry if this isn’t helpful.

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No! It was helpful, thank you :blush: