Stealing art 🎨 (Is it wrong? Or is it right?)

Hey guys @Forever1201 :heart:,

So, I have been in the forums for a really long time. And I noticed something that happened quite some times before.

People stealing other people’s art OR taking credit as his or hers!

Now, this has been an issue through the years and it must be stopped

If you claim you art as yours but it’s really not, then that means your taking away the persons hard work. That is not cool.

Whats should you do if your the one stealing art?

Stop stealing! It’s not cool and you are hurting the wrists feelings. As an artist myself, I think it’s not fair. Think about what you do before doing it. Is it really worth it? How would you feel if I stole your art? How would you feel?

What should you do if someone steals your art?

Confront the person. Sometimes contacting them and talking to them is good. You need to let the person know that it’s not ok. If that doesn’t work, contact the Admins. They will do something about it. But do not feel discourage, in the end, it’s them who is wasting their time :blush:

If you have any questions, you all are free to
Pm me. If you know your the one stealing art, please stop.

Thank you!

~ Kit Kat :purple_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Note: I know the title sounds bad when it says “Or is it right” but don’t worry, I know it’s not right. I just wanted to make a hook title :sweat_smile:


Just wanna note that not credit is stealing art too. You might not claim it as your own but you are still not saying its someone els.

and also using art and giving credit without permission is wrong too


I’ve had my art stolen multiple times, it just makes me more furious each time, it really makes me think “why”? :joy:


Literally ty because I agree like y’all ain’t understand the time and effort people put into their work. THE LEAST you can do is credit, and if you don’t know who it’s from don’t worry because I’ll catch you on your topic or in your dm ANd let you know


Right. It doesn’t hurt to credit. It takes about 7 seconds to type: credit to blahzeyblah

I saw something a long time ago where someone stole a drawing and kept saying “no its mine” the person’s friend even said they saw them make it. But the stealer kept saying “its mine.”

Why must you ruin someones day and steal their art?
Watch a tutorial on youtube and draw it ya self. Just practice and you will be good enough to make your own and NOT steal others work again.


I agree… claiming someone else’s art as your own or not crediting their work is ultimately taking (stealing) their private intellectual property.


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With or without permission?


First off clickbait :eyes::joy::joy:
I totally agree like why even steal it? You could just ask for permission and if they say yes (and probably a lot would) then you just include their forums username or Instagram whatever they have.

Boom simple :partying_face:


It’s always wrong :100:

If someone takes a piece of artwork that they found somewhere on the internet, post it and claim that they made it, this is stealing. Some poor artist worked so, so hard on that piece of art for hours, and then someone goes and posts it pretending it’s theirs. It hurts. Okay, so maybe you’re not all that good at art yet. That’s okay. Nobody decent’s going to kill you for that. So instead of hurting someone’s feelings deeply and causing trouble, watch some tutorials, ask around, practise, so that you can be good at your art. It’s going to feel soooo much better to receive compliments on your art, that you worked for hours on, than to receive them on something that’s not yours.


Okay, I trace off of a Pinterest pics I find, but I always change a thing or two so it isn’t exactly alike. And it’s never the same because it’s episode style, but is that the same as stealing? Should I give credit? I’m really confused cuz I don’t wanna be accused of stealing.


Hmm I still believe you should credit because sometimes the art may be used for commissions which is copyright or illegal if they’re selling it and you’re using it when you’re not the customer whom it’s sold to but then again idk.


I totally agree! I honestly probably couldn’t live with the guilt of having stolen someones art.

To the ones doing it:
You can always change and try to make things better, so please don’t do it in the future :heart:

There are a lot of hard working artists here, I’m sure someone would love to help you.


Kk, and what if I can’t find the original artist? Cuz most times I can’t (I keep a list Incase I’m accused then I can credit)


Dw haha just always include the link where you got it from or be like pose is found or referenced off of Pinterest.




Well it is 100% wrong. For those who are artists in some way knows how much work and dedication people put into their pieces.

I’m not someone who really draws but I’ve been practicing and even the simplest thing takes an hour. I have had my photography stolen before and I was so pissed. For someone to just easily take your work and claim it like it’s theirs just sends you into a fit of rage.

And with all this technology it’s so easy for others to steal :roll_eyes:


It’s still against it.


In only certain situations, yes. As long as the community follows the rules as listed above we should have minimal stealing instances or at least get it a bit more under control. Thanks. :v: