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The small seaside town Steepdale has never been the same since Alison Keegan, a woman everyone knew and loved and/or hated, was brutally murdered one night at a party. The police worked day and night for a year to find the murderer, without any success. Now it’s the beginning of a new school year, and as the parents of Steepdale are driving their children to school, they just hope and pray that their precious little ones will stay safe. Because if a woman can get killed in a safe little washed out town like Steepdale, no one is safe.

The rp will be centered on the families of Steepdale that are all connected in one way or another. Your character must have at least one child that is going to be attending first grade this semester, which is one of the things all characters will have in common. You can decide if your character is a single parent or if they have a partner and if the partner will be an NPC or played by another user. Your character also must have known Alison in some way. To make the rp interesting I encourage you to come up with an interesting backstory both including Alison/her family/other families/your family. Affairs? Addiction? All kinds of drama is welcome. And Alison Keegan’s murder absolutely doesn’t have to be the source of all the drama, but the aim of the roleplay is to find out what happened to her.

You can create a child or a partner for someone else’s character if you want to, I would recommend having other people role-play as your partner/child to make the rp more exciting. If you want someone else to play your child and/or partner, you can leave a request in this thread!

Sign-ups for main character HERE.
Sign-ups for partner for a character HERE.
Sign-ups for child for a character HERE.

Faceclaims HERE!

Tagging people who seemed to be interested when I posted this in the “New Ideas Thread”:
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Soo yeah, my character Melanie is looking for a husband of twenty years that she met at Brown University and a 16-yearold daughter.


Definitely reserving!


Do we have to make a main character?


What do you mean by main character? I think what the main character is is the character who will be a central part of the roleplay, aside from the kids, so I’d assume so.


Yeah, like @themaystorms said, the children won’t really have a very big part of the roleplay. I would really prefer if everyone created a main character (aswell as that character’s child, since they kind of go together).


Oh, and just a little heads up! Your character must have known Alison Keegan, what should I write instead of “Didn’t know her at the time”?


Family friend


Just finished the faceclaims, feel free to talk to each other about your characters being friends/enemies etc.


Hey, the story looks like an awesome idea and I’m totally going to join.
I was just wondering if there was anyone who was looking for someone to play a character accompanying their character. Whether you want a parent, partner or child, male or female, I don’t mind. :slight_smile:


I am actually, was just about to ask! Im fine with making any gender main character. What was yours gonna be? (Your main preference anyway)

*This invite goes to others as well :ok_hand:


Ha, great minds think alike!
I honestly wasn’t sure. I was thinking of making a couple characters actually. Either a male and female, or 2 males, as there are generally more female characters than male. Plus, this type of story will lend itself to having a lot of b***h fights, so maybe leaning away from that.

On the other hand, having a homosexual couple in the town could be fun.


Sounds cool! I think I’ll be making a female main character then, probably heterosexual. If a character of yours was their spouse, they could have two kids so u could control one and I could control one (that’s sounds so evil for some reason) or if ur looking for something else feel free to partner up with another rper :slight_smile:


Yeah, sounds good. I like that idea! Have you submitted your characters yet?
Hahaha. Let’s be honest, we ARE evil! We control their entire lives!



@JesusLover2.0 's character Yazzy is looking for a family to adopt her.
My character Melanie is looking for a 16-yearold daughter named Rebecca and a husband (if anyone wants to, they can roleplay as her 10-yearold Vanessa, too, but she really isn’t my priority haha).

You can find more info about these characters in the faceclaims!

Also, I’m thinking about creating a teenager and maybe a partner to someone … anyone looking for that? :thinking:


Nope haven’t submitted yet have you??


Nah, not yet.


I’m going to be creating a 24 year old single mom who had her child at 17 (child now 6-7) and was wondering if anyone wanted to roleplay the child? Drop me a DM if you are interested and we can talk family dynamics and such


yeah sure, i’d be interested


Don’t forget to sign up as a main character aswell! :grin: