Step-brother Stories Must Be Stopped


I don’t care that their related. More often than not MC and the love interests parents are married which makes this completely inappropriate in my opinion. Say the parents have a child together, now MC and the love interest now share a sibling and that is EXTREMELY weird in my opinion. It’s kind of like that weird storyline from a few years ago on the second and third season of Gossip Girl where Serena and Dan find out they share a sibling even though they are soulmates in my opinion. They break up so their parents can be happy together, but that doesn’t happen and eventually Serena and Dan get married. I bet for their half brother that this is all types of weird seeing his siblings married and having children. Back the subject these MC and Love Interest are family now because more often than not the parent’s new spouse adopts the other children which makes this incest literally and in the eyes of the law. Episode Interactive has encourages this incest-y behavior in their brand new story Love and War, I read the original version when it was and INK story and I wasn’t amused by the fusion of step-brother and bad boy storyline. In the episode I left off at MC and the stepbrother got drunk at a party and had sex and someone found out about it. This is honestly one of the weirdest things on Episode and honestly needs to be stopped.


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Everyone has a different opinion about this and thats a good thing, its what makes our community unique and loveable for everyone.


What opinion? It’s called law. Brothers and sisters should never even love each other sexually its disgusting and uncomfortable…


'Step brothers and step sisters’thats not illegal and it isnt incest, no matter how u see it. So yes, thats your opinion. And i dont see the problem when they havent been raised together


People who think brother and sister relationships step or not in any kind isn’t wrong have problems tbh


In the Netherlands people wouldnt make an issue out of this, so maybe its a culture difference?
I respect your opinion, so i only ask u to do the same


Like i said… they havent grown up together. Lets say the girl is 16 and the boy is 17, their parents are in love and decide to move in together. They are both teens,so if they fall in love then theres nothing disgusting about that. But i also said that if they grew up together that i share your opinion. Youre making a bigger deal out of this than it really is.


I agree! Serena and Dan were like soulmates. In this case, I do not think they should have broken up, since they are not related. I guess it is a little weird though.


I agree with you!


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I agree with @Chida
I do personally have a distatste for that kind of theme. But I respect everyone’s right to write whatever kind of story they wish (as long as it goes with the guidelines).
If a author wrote it, obviously someone feels it would make a good story and if the story is successful, there is obviously an audience for it. -shrugs


I also agree with you.
It can only be incest if they have the same father or mother.
Better explained, if they both have the same father but another mother. or the same mother but another father.
It’s not incest when they are not related.


I definitely agree with you. It’s not incest if you are not related by blood. If they grew up together, then yea it’s pretty weird if they dated. But if they just met each other then I see nothing wrong with it. It’s not illegal, and they’re not related at all.

Also, thank you @Ryan for reminding everyone about the guidelines. It is never acceptable to slander another user just because they have a different opinion.


I respect your opinion, but in America or the part where I’m from there’s like zero tolerance for that kind of stuff and it’s sort of weird because something the stepbrother is a legal adult and the girl is a minor and it’s sort of weird and gives me incest-y vibes even though they’re not related. In the case of Gossip Girl I don’t have problem with Serena and Dan being together even though they share a sibling and that sort of weird. What would be really weird is Serena and Chuck (like that’ll ever happen) because Serena’s mom, Lily legally adopted Chuck in like season 2.


(Moderator’s sidenote: Can I just say Gossip Girl has featured waaay more prominently in this conversation than I ever expected :slight_smile: Got me feeling like a rewatch is in order!)


I’m also from America and in my area there is nothing wrong with step siblings being together. But then again not all parts of this country and the world share the same views. Just like how there are parts of this country and the world where there is zero tolerance for being lgbt, but does that mean it’s wrong and disgusting? No. Do they need to be stopped? No. I’m not (and I’m sure @Chida) isn’t trying to change your opinion on this, and if you feel this way about that kind of thing then that’s totally fine. But if people on Episode want to read/write stories about this genre then let them. These stories shouldn’t be stopped just because you aren’t comfortable with it. You have the right to not read any of those stories. I mean all of this with respect and I am in no way trying to be rude, and if I come across that way I am deeply sorry.


Girl I am all for uniqueness and that, but you can’t deny this is literally incest


This has nothing to do with LGBT, being in love with step-siblings or half siblings is revolting, if the world “sibling” is associated with them then it is incest – just eww


She didn’t slander anyone in anyway. She didn’t say it was incest it gave her incest vibes, and it should with everybody else, it is just plain wrong. P.s I didn’t slander anyone, before people begin to throw accusations