Step-brother Stories Must Be Stopped


I agree; I hate these stories. I was going to read one like this, and me and my cousin were just like, “What the hell…


If you’ve read TroubleMaker, it’s a featured story, basically, the MC goes to a party kisses a guy, finds out that he’s her stepbrother the next day, but that didn’t stop them from kissing again.


Troublemaker 2 is shit and poorly directed just like the first one. The guy has the most retarded name too: JJ. Like honestly he treats her like shit just like Brody, but she still decides to kiss him.


Gossip Girl?





This post reminds me of a movie called “Flowers in the attic” and they get locked in the attic by their grandmother for 3 years with 4 siblings, Two younger twins and two older kids anyways later on in the movie the older kids get “sexually frustrated” or something and have sex but they are actually BLOOD RELATED siblings which is way worse and i just thought you know what? Its probably because he’s a teenage boy and has needs and shes a girl who has grown cough cough and I thought it was a one time thing and they would forget about it BUT there is a second and third movie and I watched the second one and they’re all older and stuff and the brother had a fiance and the girl had two kids with 2 different guys and they were fine until they were caught by the fiance kissing!! And I was like tf?! Oh and i forgot near the middle they had sex before she went to new york with some guy… and then in the third movie they got married and had a kid of their own PLUS her 2 other kids and I was just thinking their family reunions must be hella awkward, I was so wierded out with the direction these movies were going and didnt watch the 4th movie…I don’t know how that was relevant to episode buuut you know and half of you probably skipped to the bottom😂


I know what you’re talking about


Ahhhhhhfidbekwbdkd SPOILERSSSSS


I watched that movie as a kid and forget about the whole sibling thing and watched it a couple weeks ago and got reminded sorry :joy:


:joy: I only saw flowers in the attic I need to see the others


the second one is ok and the 3rd one has some of my favorite actors but the 3rd one is wierd asf


Welp time to look for it :joy:


I watched it on prime video, I have the lifetime movie club all of the movies are on there and i think only flowers in the attic is on hulu but you’d have to check (if you have those)


Dang my bestie Obama only has it




If the story is that they fall in love then find out that her dad’s new girlfriend happens to be his mom, then I don’t think that’s bad


I remember tht awful movie x3


I used to love it as a kid and recently showed it to my friends and i was like "Shiii i don’t remember this stuff happening":joy::joy:


Completely agree.

But personally, if my parents were divorced and one of them got re-married and introduced me to their new husband/wife’s son, I’d back off immediately, no matter how hot he was. I really don’t think I’d ever be able to fall in love with someone who was family-related to me in any kind of way (blood or not).
But it isn’t incest so if people really do fall in love with their step siblings, it’s fine. Love is unexpected and as long as they don’t share any blood whatsoever, I say just go for it.


I read the book lol but a loooonnnnnggg time ago. Their parents were also technically blood related. That story was all kinds of messed up.
The author wrote a lot of stories that included incest actually lol.

As for the original topic, I essentially agree with these points:

To me, there’s a difference between a step-brother you grow up with (as if you’re blood related) and a a guy who becomes your stepbrother much later in life. You didn’t grow up thinking that he’s your brother and sometimes, you can’t help attraction.