Steps to creating an overlay

Hi there,
I’m new to the episode community and in the process of writing my first story. I’m familiar with spot directing and overlays. However, I have no idea of the steps of creating my own overlay.

I’ve watched tutorials such as Joseph Evans using Gimp. But for me Gimp is difficult to use.

I’d like to create a split screen like this.

Any advice on what platform to use and how to create an overlay like this?

You can use PicsArt.

  • Just download two backgrounds that you want.
  • Use the collage maker.
  • Turn your background into a png.
  • Then set it up in your script.

Awesome thanks!

My only issue is after layering the character on the top, his feet are still over the middle line of the background.
Is there a particular code I need to use?

if you send me the picture of the split screen, I can turn it into an overlay for you

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Hey, you need to put the character on top to a lower layer than the overlay
The directing command is @CHARACTER moves to layer #

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Put the overlay at layer 5
And put both characters at layer 6

Darn I tried that and it didn’t work. Is it because I uploaded it as an background instead of an overlay? I did that instead of a uploading as a overlay because the background became distorted when I resized it.

Yeah. That could be the problem. Can you show me the picture? Maybe, I can resize it and turn it into an overlay for you

I may take up your offer on that to save me from frustration. But I want to learn how to do it also.

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Alright, the photo is already sized. All you need to do is upload it as an overlay. Mess with the scale in the script. Put the overlay at layer 5 and both characters at layer 6. You might need to play around with spots and zooms to avoid the male from crossing the line

Okay, thank you. I’ll see what I can do.

Hey, the top character keeps ending up behind the overlay when I move him to a lower layer. Should I move the overlay layer higher?

Send me the background and I’ll see if I can figure it out