Stereotypes in stories that we should banish

What are stereotypes you see in episode stories that you hate? Here is mine:

Glasses are unattractive and nerdy, I see this in so many glow up stories where a girl with glasses is a nerd and gets bullied. As someone who depends on glasses to not be blind, it makes me insecure. Luckily, I’m not seeing this stereotype as much as I used to.


I think that is true


Not every guy who dresses edgy is a “bad boy” stereotype. One of my closest friends in highschool liked dressing edgy and wearing chains but he’s so nice and is such a sweetheart.

I don’t hate the bad boy trope too much in stories tho. It’s just repetitive.


Thats so true


Weakling females who need a man (a rude one at that) to save them and thinks sl*t shaming is cute because they’re a virgin.


PTSD flashbacks to every wattpad story I’ve read in middle school :sob:


The Mean girls. They are all remakes of the Plastics and its tired. The Head girl that blonde and rules the school, the mean girls minion that’s blonde and dumb, and then the other minion that has brown hair, but is nicer then she seems and becomes friends with the MC.


The exceptionally over-the-top gay black bestie who only cares about boosting MC, fawning over men and fashion and has exaggerated and usually unimportant dialogue.

I cringe every time I see that stereotype used in a story.


When the MC’s best friend (especially a female MC) is a male AND IS GAY/BI! Why can’t a straight female and straight male be friends? I’m not saying there’s something wrong with that but I’ve seen it way too much:(

  • The dumb blonde (as a blonde myself, it’s so f*cking offensive…)
  • The loud “sassy” POC (often black) sidekick who just want to party and doesn’t know any boundaries when it comes to other’s personal life

maybe I’ll add some more later.


I agree with the ‘Dumb Blonde’ stereotype because I’m also blonde and I went through absolute sh*t in primary school because teachers & students followed the ‘Dumb Blonde’ stereotype too. Teachers would assume I couldn’t do much for myself and always assumed I needed extra assistance with whatever I was doing. Students constantly claimed my hard work as theirs and teachers believed them as I was supposedly just a ‘Dumb Blonde’ who apparently couldn’t understand how to do anything for herself (:


Where to start s*ut shaming has to go that be my number 1.
And being a virgin it bothers me that they kept it for so long only to lose it to the LI within 2 seconds.
Waiting for the right person is fine but unlikely any woman would jump into bed immediately.

Also the over the top gay stereotype like please stop it realise that people are just people they have certain quirks but never their whole identity.

Really bugs me when there is more then one LI and the Author clearly has a favourite like don’t add more then one LI if their not going to get the same amount of screen time.

Also mean girls being mean for no reason same with bad boys give them a personality at least.


The mean girl/the queen bee.
• Always has blonde hair
• Has blue eyes
• Has big lips
• Wears pink
• Wears skirts, dresses and crop tops too.
• Sometimes rich and lives in a mansion
• Throws parties that last all night long and even find
people lying the floor because probably drank to
much alcohol
•Looks like a barbie doll, cheap knock off of Barbie or a
terribly gone wrong Monster High doll
• Rules the school and basically thinks she owns it
when she doesn’t
• Has a sidekick who is rude too or dumb or a squad
• Be mean and nasty to the MC for no reason
• And basically is a karen
This one literally bothers me and make the story more chichè. Not all have blonde hair, blue eyes, wears pink and has big lips, like some bullies have a different hair colour or wears different clothes not skirts, belly tops and dresses. Plus, this stereotype shouldn’t be stories, it just makes the cliché and boring to the reader.


I hate those mean girls → they make me run out of a story… That much that I don’t want to read the story anymore…
And when it’s not high school anymore… The mean girls are the sl*ts who get strip naked in the CEO’s office (CEO who is also the LI) when MC just walks in for bussiness… :woman_facepalming: Wow, just come with something new, please. :tired_face:


She is late for work on the first day but come in at the wrong place at the wrong time. :woman_shrugging: :joy:


Exactly :laughing::laughing:

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I agree.

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This one!!!

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Is getting drunk breaking the guidelines anyway as it promotes alcohol abuse

Only if it is excessive alcohol use but some people are lightweights. So as long as they are not getting drunk in every episode or being drunk is seen as a good thing. I mean saying that is like saying after being drunk you an alcoholic.