Stereotypes That Drive You Crazy!



So I created this forum to see what stereotypes drive you crazy because I KNOW what annoys me the most! So I’m half Filipino and half Turkish, my Asian side is most shown through my appearance and people just assume I’m smart like wth!


So I’m like black and me and my siblings all have the same mom and dad. People like to ask me like “Wow I thought black people didn’t have a dad.” Or “wowwwwww you actually know him?” Like yes…yes I do :unamused: also since I like to read and guess sorta smart I’m apparently “acting white” like what the heck I’m acting like myself. Also there’s one where it’s like…I love corn bread, watermelon, and all things southern. Like nawwww I actually hate cornbread. Idk I get hit with a black stereotype a lot in my life.


Wtf that’s so rude! You’re just being yourself and nothings wrong with that! And you can’t “act” a colour people! :expressionless:


:joy: ikr my school is hella racist oh dear it’s so racist in that place.


I hate when ppl say that white girls my age are all super basic. I’m. Not. Sure I like Starbucks but I’m nothing like the stereotypes. Or my mom. She’s Pakistani and it really bothers me when people ask why I’m white like. Idk. Ask my father. And when I went to England there was a group of kids that just assumed I couldn’t play soccer because I’m American. Um. No. I’m not bad at soccer. I actually beat all of them.


How do you respond to that? I would clap back if they would continue :joy:


:joy::joy: Yass girl beat them!


I can’t believe people are still so ignorant in this day and age


I just state the facts then walk off. Or roll my eyes I honestly have no idea what to say I mean people say what they want. But I don’t let it get too far I wasn’t raised to put up with that.


I know, our generation is so, just, ugh!


Doesn’t surprise me people are just annoying honestly heck even the cops in my school (well one of them) discriminate I told my mom about it as well.


:joy: what the heck is wrong with people in life honestly.


:joy::joy: Yesss!


For real! I don’t know any more


Idek. The world is so consumed by what we have been taught instead of focusing on what is true.


That’s so true, we’re influenced by the worst of people and we don’t even realise it :expressionless:


Exactly. That’s why I only believe in what I’ve taught myself instead of what others have told me.


Same, I really wish I was born in the old generation, but racism was ten times worse




I have another one oh so like I’m a Christian, and people assume I’m some perfect angel and then when I do some wrong thing they like to judge. Then I’m like the heck no one is perfect heck especially not me I have no time to be perfect. Then people are shocked when I cuss or what not then I’m just shrugging like oh well that’s your fault for assuming. Oh and my favorite is that I hate everyone because I’m a Christian like hon no I don’t hate anyone…even though I’m close to hating my math teacher :expressionless:

Honestly that’s some wise words go girl!