Stereotypes That Drive You Crazy!



Oh hey mum!


Hello wonderful daughter





hello…not that you wanted to see me anyway :neutral_face::joy:


Grandmaaa how’s life?


life is…a dumb stupid thing that just won’t give you time to simplify and analyze things. it always has to make everything complicated :tired_face:

Hypothetically speaking haha…


Shoot, that’s deep grandma…:joy:


Omg this all stuff is so relatable AF . So basically I’m an Indian Muslim and I love my religion. If some people are not aware of my religion they all just go "Mary Poppins " on me and be totally sweet . But as soon as they get to know my religion their faces are the definition of shocked and they distance themselves from me . Like they think there is a terrorist right in front of them just ready to tear them down . Also as we are minority in India and due to majority oppression all other ethnicities think that we are not at all patriotic and just want to make India a Muslim dominated country. Come on people ! We are just the same ! We all just have separate rituals and rules which do not even clash with each other. Also I have seen that whenever I talk to foreigners and I say that I’m from Asia , they start commenting on my facial features like why aren’t you pale , why you’re eyes so big they’re supposed to be small,why you have olive skin.You know what ? We have a hell of a diversity that you can ever think of!! And that’s teh beautiful diversity you need to accommodate with if you want to be accepted.!


Can I just say,

I think Islam is a beautiful and peaceful religion and I don’t think Muslims are terrorists one bit. The people in ISIS shouldn’t even be allowed to called what their doing for Islam because it’s so twisted and distorted. Asia has so many countries in it anyway and there is diversity all over the world so I think people should just shut up and keep their opinions to themselves.


You feel me bro❤


I want to say something on this too, now that you have raised this issue.

This is my message to everyone –

Regardless of my Hindu religion, I adore Muslims too. Yes we have several differences among us – we write Hindi from left to right and they write Urdu from right to left, we pray to The Almighty facing East and they pray to The Almighty facing West, we have several Gods yet they have only one God that is Allah, we go to Temples and they go to Mosques, etc.

But you know what? This is where the real beauty of diversity lies. Imagine a world where everything was same, everything was only
…would you enjoy living life in that kind of world? Would you enjoy living in a word devoid of colours?

That is what the beauty of diversity is! Without diversity, life wouldn’t be so beautiful and colourful as it is.

So stop it with the complaints that Hindus and Muslims have strife between them. It was started in the past, it should be left in the past. We should look forward to forming new bonds and friendships that can grow into something more beautiful! :yellow_heart:


nicely done, dudette


I hate when people compare cheerleaders to being rude, snobby, and stupid. It just very wrong to say that because all people are different.


I also hate it when people say that sporty people aren’t really good at Math or Science.

i mean I play basketball and still ace those subjects…WTH just let me live my life :persevere:


Here is one I would get when I was young.
“Oh no! she is a tomboy, she is going to be a lesbian” :thinking:


Or conversely, “she’s a lesbian, why isn’t she a tomboy?”

Like ughhh, nobody needs to fill your heteronormative relationship roles, Harold.


Oh my goshh! This happened to me once!


Oh my gosh, yes, number one and three are so annoying.
I HATE the stereotype there is about tattooed people! I have a cute little tattoo myself and I’m planning on getting more but it’s so frustrating that even my own family thinks that I shouldn’t do that because people will think I’m bad and violent. Also, so many people believe that you can’t get a job if you have tattoos and that is just plain dumb. Tattoos tell nothing about you as an employee.
The owner of my local supermarket isn’t fond about tattoos but even my small heart-shaped tattoo which is approximately 5x5 cm still has him in doubt about whether he should hire me or not and I am fucking sick of this.


Dude, that’s absurd. It’s just a small tattoo?? honestly, i can never understand why a lot of people think like that. Like what movies have they been watching?? My mom assumes people who have tattoos are “street rebels” or “school dropouts” lmao, WHEN AGAIN not all are like that! I know countless of people who have tats and actually enjoy studying and are the sweetest people. Once, I kinda joked with my aunt about getting a tattoo and she was like “your parents would disown you if you do that, only street girls go for that” and I was just like… ok then

But I don’t even care tbh, I’m still gonna get em when I’m 18 lmao and if someone isn’t happy with my decision then too bad. Just do what you wanna do, I’m sure your tats look good as hell


ayy i’m south asian too !!