Stereotypes That Drive You Crazy!



Oh wow , just a load of racism piling up , polluting the world with insults :unamused:


The fact that white people are pointed at in terms of racism ,gets on my nerves. :unamused:



If you’re from Texas, you’re probably unintelligent/dumb/stupid/whatever synonym you want to use.

OH! “Uneducated” - lol

Like excuse me, I’m not “uneducated” because I’m Texan…I’m “uneducated” because I don’t care about French architecture. Sorry not sorry. >.>


Thank you! Totally agree :slight_smile:


All Punjabi boys drink [alcohol]”

False, totally untrue, NOT all :roll_eyes:

Sadly, most movies don’t help when it comes to portraying this. Pretty much every movie I’ve come across, the guy drinks. I have yet to find a movie where he doesn’t (I’m talking about one that doesn’t center on stories about our religion)

Someone even said online that “No one can drink more than a Punjabi”

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


Tell them that honor goes to the Irish and to watch their mouth. X’D


Well, I would tell them that if I had an account on Quora :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:


When I tell people I’m Muslim, they bombard with questions about the hijab and “acting proper”. Sometimes they call me a terrorist. Or when people assume my race. Then when they find out I’m black, people tell me to “stop acting white”. And when people know that I’m from N.Y., they think it’s this amazing place! Like no. New York is trash except for probably Central Park, Columbus Circle, and Times Square. Americans can be stupid sometimes.


I am indian so List is endless. However, the ones which annoy me most are :

  1. No we are not about snakes, snake-charmers.
  2. C’mon! We don’t ride on elephants to work or to anywhere.
  3. Indian food is not equal to spicy food. We have way more healthier eating habits than any other country.
    (kindly refer the statistics for esophageal, stomach, and colon disorders for various countries)
  4. An Indian cannot be portrayed as a terrible looking person with absurd sense of dressing and a substandard knowledge of English language. No!
    We’re quite the opposite. Last but not the least this drives me crazy so much…
    Indians are poor - Rolex and Omega went to India. Nike, Mercedes, Gucci and Armani went toIndia. Tata bought Jaguar home. Today Starbucks is fighting to snatch a piece of Indian cake. For Social Service, of course.


I appriciate gay People God I love them so I really hate it when People say to them something like: you don’t look gay

Do they need to dress up in rainbows or something to be gay?


:joy: That’s one stereotype I hate really really much. Like all stereotypes drive me crazy but that one is actually so bad. Like I am sorry, we were not informed that all gays are supposed to dress like that.

  • When people think all homosexual males do is scream, ‘YASSS QUEEEEN’.
  • I’m Japanese, so if I get any academic question wrong, people will be on me.
  • I don’t have a particular religion, so I must be an atheist, meaning I’m dumb. I’m not an atheist. I just don’t think about religion that much and haven’t decided for sure what I believe in.
  • When people ask if I eat dog because I’m Japanese. No. Dogs are my favourite animals.


I’m Asian, and I live in a very white-populated area, so people always think I’m “foreign” or “exotic” lmao, even though I was literally born in America and have lived here my entire life. It’s also really awkward when they automatically assume I don’t speak English and try speaking in broken English to communicate with me when I probably speak the language better than they do :joy: Also, whenever I tell someone I’m gay, people always tell me “you don’t look gay.” Like, I didn’t know there was a way you had to dress up/look in order to be gay :roll_eyes:


I relate! They’re like,

“Hello.” points at themselves “I’m Anna.” points at me “You are?”


The dumb jock
Overly flirty and annoying mean girl follower
Eccentric and floral wearing gay best friend
The sassy black girl.
Nerdy asian.
Typical chestnut/fawn beach wave mc.
Bad boys (disgusting)
Dumb blonde
Mean girl
Parents who don’t care about anything
Bisexual player
Rebellious sassy girl
Depressed emo
Weird band geeks
Nerd who becomes popular


No, I don’t live in a hut in Africa. And I don’t hang out with the monkeys either.


Do people really think that? :skull: Oh jeez…


Wise words


My guy friends are monkeys most of the time… I just gave them a banana and they go away :joy: jk… they still disturb me.


Its ok… we pretend… but when we come up on stage for speeches and presentations…we shall shock the entire school cohort :joy::joy::joy::joy: