Stick and bush overlay

Does anyone have a stick overlay and a bush overlay? One where I can get my character to behind the bush and that the bush can be moved? For the shape, either square or a rectangle. Thank you! If possibly, can it look as a realistic version? Thank you😊


That is perfect!! Thank you soo much!!

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By stick, did you meant this kinda thing? (It’s less photo-realistic though)

Like that, but like a real life stick if that’s okay :blush:

I found one in Pinterest, is this good to use and can I use it?

Pinterest is often sourced from copyrighted content, so I wouldn’t advise you to take your images from there.

Here’s one I sourced and edited from public domain.

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Perfect thank you !!

Ah okay thank you! There is a part on Pinterest for Epsiode overlays and it does say that it’s for episode overlays so I’ve used some of them

Thank you for giving me those overlays, I clumsy fine any in copyrighted ones

That’s alright! I think pinterest is just unreliable in that it’s hard to tell where the images came from, but if you do find credits and permission for use that’s fine.

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Yes​:slight_smile::+1:t3: Thank you for your help again, bye!!

Not being rude and saying. Ya like that haha! It’s really late for me


No problem, good luck writing!

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