Sticking with a story - lack of motivation?

hey y’all. I know many creators have posted about this before, but I’m having an issue and could use some help. Whenever I go to write a story, I get really hyped and excited, but once I write 5-ish episodes, I get bored and want to switch genres. I love the idea for my story, I just lost all motivation to write it and make it interesting. Any advice?


I understand what you mean.
When I need motivation it helps to watch movies, shows and listen to music, so I can get inspired again. Maybe you could make a playlist for your story or characters. :slight_smile:

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Try setting out to write a short story. Something that’s going to be finished in 3-5 episodes so that you can safely complete it before you lose motivation for it

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  • Think about why you are passionate about writing your story and why you wanted to write It In the first place.

  • If you feel like it is boring I think you should add more details.

  • If you are writing five episodes in one sitting maybe you are probably burnt out and should take a break.

  • You can write another story with another genre until you are passionate enough to come back to this story.

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I don’t know if that’s the case with your stories, but often people lose motivation because they haven’t thought the story through to the end, prior to writing. So, you get this idea. You get very excited. And you start. And then, somewhere into the first few episodes, you realize, you have no scene to look forward to writing.

If this applies to you, I would recommend, taking the time to write an outline first. I often also just put down a note on scenes I want to be happening later. For example let’s say: There is going to be a major drama scene, way later in the story. But I’m looking forward to writing it very much. I just write it down in a note app. This way I’m motivated to get the story to this particular point. By the time I reach the scene, I of course have to edit it again. But it helps me.

Hope this helps a little.


It all comes back to figuring out what is making you feel bottled up once you’ve written up to a certain point. Could be you just need a break, you’re feeling like certain parts of the story aren’t as fun, you’re getting bored, burnt-out, etc. If you can fish around for the answer to why you’re losing motivation (no judging yourself; nothing wrong with having writer’s block), it’ll be easier to know where to go from there.

Here’s a few different articles I’ve found helpful (or at least interesting) at some point or other: