Still confused on this running to spot

so like im trying to make my character run and fall into a spot how can I do that bc everytime I do it the character seems to glide or summm



@CHARACTER walks to spot
@CHARACTER is run_fall

it looks wrong the character walks to the spot than it literally runs in place

oh wait that’s weird.

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@CHARACTER walks to spot and CHARACTER is run_athletic_neutral_loop
@CHARACTER starts run fall
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat

Then continue

Let me know if this works :blush:

@CHARACTER walks to spot —- and CHARACTER does it while run_fall then CHARACTER is standup_neutral


@CHARACTER walks to spot —- and CHARACTER does it while run_animation then CHARACTER is run_fall

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i tried that and it made my character slideeee to the other side of the screen lol

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OMG dara :heart: :heart: thanks for commenting ill try that right now :grin:

i used ur suggestion but the run and fall seem so quick and fast any other suggestions?

Any other suggestions

you can use what Dara said and just add in #
So whatever time you’d want them to do it.
so like @CHARACTER walks to spot in #

what if it doesnt work

Idk? Try it an see if it’s what you’d like :))

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also do u know that pose where like someone is surprised or they cover there mouth surpisingly


i think so probably lemme see

I’m pretty sure there is an animation that’s just called “fall”. It’s the same as run_fall but it doesn’t have the running part :slight_smile: