Still looking for a fantasy writing partner

Hello! You may have seen my post previously about a fantasy storyline that I am writing (or want to write). I got a few responses, but in the end they led to nothing (except for one potential partner). I want to have at least two people who can offer their ideas and critique to my story, so here I am again. In the future, I would also like to have someone who can help with coding choices and branching, so if you are someone who’d be interested, let me know! (I can write my own scenes of Episode and code choices, but branching is something I struggle with). Before I delve into it [again], please DO NOT contact me if you won’t be honest. I don’t want someone who will have me explain in large detail my story and then never respond; if you don’t like the idea and don’t want to partake in the story, SAY SO. You won’t hurt my feelings, I promise! :slight_smile: What will suck though, is if you leave me hanging rather than responding and letting me know you’ve no interest to write. I’ve had this happen already and it’s quite annoying, as I am very serious about making this story happen.

This story is going to revolve in a fantasy world of eight territories (four elven and four human). It will focus on Seahaven, a city belonging to humans, that will open its borders for the first time to all peoples and races (ALL territories). The MC of the plot is an heiress to the throne of Erosten, and it will focus on her navigating court and the betrayals that come when the royals from the other seven territories arrive to “celebrate” the opening of the borders. It is a very detailed world with many detailed characters that I’ve created; I have many ideas and plots, but I would like to have someone to discuss them with. (Yes, it involves romance, too :stuck_out_tongue: but not the cliche kind).

My requirements:

A) Only contact me if you are devoted to writing. If you start asking questions about my story, but find that it’s not something you’d like to participate in, TELL ME. I know I said this above, but this is crucial! I only want people who are genuinely interested in the story, the world, and the characters. Without genuine interest, there’s no real motivation. I don’t want to waste each other’s time! You won’t hurt my feelings, but you will annoy me if you just leave me hanging (never responding, leaving me left wondering if you’re still interested).

B) Have at least a little bit of experience on writing scenes on Episode. I’ve already written on Episode a lot (though never published, as I’m very indecisive and end up rewriting); I can code and write my own episodes. I would like for you to be able to as well, or at least be willing to learn if you are serious about being my partner! :slight_smile:

C) Have a genuine love for fantasy! I adore the genre and wouldn’t want to write with someone who’s only half-interested.

Now that that’s out of the way, I have two ways you can contact me:
A) through here, which is preferred until we’re sure we want to write together.
B) Or through my email:

I don’t like to message through IG, as the messages you can send are quite small for the amount that I like to type lol. I also find it to be an inconvenient way to discuss in-depth stories.

Well, if you’ve read all of this, thank you! It’s very appreciated. If you happen to have your own fantasy storyline, feel free to message me about it too! Maybe we can both help each other on both story ideas. :slight_smile: Thanks again! (And sorry to those who have already read about this lol. I don’t mean to spam, just still looking for a good partner!)

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