Still looking for new readers....and artwork

Hey!! I am a brand new writer so I have a zero fan base and no fancy artwork. I am looking for readers!!

On a side note stupid thought bubbles!!!

LOL! Check out my story and give me your thoughts. If you like it, please pass it on.

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I started reading your story…
The first episode is nice…
And you DID great
I jst want to say that whenever these assaulting or abusing or child abusing scene comes please do put the warning before the scene itself because it mah trigger someone’s present or past life

You can make it bold and higlighted with text effects offcourse

Here is the command for the same-

|bold, color: red, italic, text effects: (select any pre-options does appear)| WARNING |reset| : This scene contains some violent and home abuse stuffs, be cautious it may trigger you about your past

See like this

Meanwhile i read further…
Because i can’t judge the story and the plot of the same at the first episode only

You can try my story and give me opinions as well

Thank you,

Awesome!! Thank you so much!! I did add a little note onto all my chapters thus far about the violence and light cursing…and I will add your story to my list to read. I just finished chapter 5!! It’s starting to go the route I want. YAY!!


I can help you with art!

link to my art thread….