Still looking...! Partner needed...😘

Hello… I am Shona… I am looking for someone who can help me with coding and directing.
I have the story written.
I have been working on many stories and I need help with coding because I am not able to do it myself. I mean I know how to do it(basic) its just that it takes a lot of time and i have to write many story. The credits will be given… Reply down below or PM me or contact me on Instagram @shona_episode. I need someone urgently. and someone who is active enough… please help me…:cry:

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I’d love to help!

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Your Instagram id !? Send me

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PM me. I gotta go to bed, I’ll be able to help you tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Also, I don’t have insta

Anyone else wanna help?? You are welcome… I have more stories where I would like the help…

I wouls love to help. dont have inst tho sorry i can still help tho

I have… It’s @shona_episode

Or anywhere else I can contact you apart from forum

Do you have Hangouts??

Sorry no, only forums, why wont that work?

It can work…

Pm me… and we can start with the discussion

Sorry I was out… Can we talk tommorowor tonight?

sure… PM me when you are free…

Im free right now or tommorow, Which works?

i am free now so we can talk now… what time is it there ?

…11:37pm, LMAO! Dont worry about it tho, Im gonna be awake for hours!


so are you decent in coding?

somewhat, I can zoom, do spotting, overlays… Transitions…