Still Need ink characters for my new story!





Thank you


What would you like his name to be?




Thank you!


Do you want to make up a backstory of why she has white hair and white eyes? Or would you like me to? :thinking:


I named her Ruby!! I’d be happy to change it if you want me to! :grin:


Actually, would you mind if I made you character a ‘bad character’? :joy: (Nothing to bad just like an EX or something, she doesn’t even have to be bad) I accidentally forgot I already made a 2nd female love interest :sweat_smile:


Can she be a ex?


yes!! Thank you!! I’ll add her now!

Is there anything you don’t feel comfortable with your character doing?


No problem! Do you need one more female love interest?


It’s fine whatever you do with the character.


Sorry, all the love interest spots are filled already


Oh ok.


But I may need more in the future :woman_shrugging::wink:


She’s a villain in my story.



My name is Ella :hugs:


Thank you!! What spot would you like?


Mean girls if it’s available