Still Need more characters(INK)

I still need like 6 more characters if you want to be one put your name details personality and Instagram (if you have one) thanks xx

Guy or girl? Ink or limelight?

Any gender and ink x

That’s is Chay my girl.

Here is my boy:

Name: Jack
Skin: tan
Brow: thick arch
Hair: unstyled faux hawk (auburn)
Eyes: make generic (blue)
Face: defined triangle
Nose: button
Lips: uneven (blush)

Thank you what type of personality do they have and do u have instagram

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Chay is an outgoing artistic person.she loves with everything she has.

Jack is your typical bad boy but has a heart of gold

Insta- @Chay_episode_615

Okay thank you I have just followed you, erm if you have anymore characters I can put in my story can you please send me them please xx

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Give me a few mins… I have a few more…