Still unable to see my profile


As previously mentioned, I’m having issues with my profile page loading. I’ve tried resetting my password, switching networks, closing out of the app and going back in, logging in and out of my account, and waiting for over thirty minutes only to still be stuck at the same loading screen. Yes it does say “may take a while to load” but I believe it is out of the ordinary to have to wait for over a half hour for this to load. At first I thought it was taking longer than what it should because it was my first time using it but I am starting to believe otherwise. I have this app on two devices yet it refuses to load on either one.

Any ideas on what I should do? I’m at a loss.


Have you submitted a ticket to episode? Maybe they can help?


I do plan on submitting a ticket, however, I wanted to wait to see if there was an app update first. Thank you for the suggestion!


No problem, I hope that it will get fixed soon :blush: