Still waiting for episode to link my profile to my new iPhone account

I’m still waiting for Episode to move my story on my new Apple account because I’ve changed devices. I can’t wait any longer! I’m going to sell my Android soon, and when that will happen there will be no way I can preview my story on phone. I’m so frustrated and stressed, I wrote them 3 tickets, but they only gave me some passes… I don’t need that! I need my story on this new account, how much do I have to wait :frowning:?

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I get how your feeling! You can also preview your story on the website (save and preview) until they swap it over. Sorry this isn’t much help! I have had a similar issue before as well. I wanted to move email addresses, so I wanted to move my stories over but I ended up giving up haha. Goodluck!!

Well it’s not really the same when I preview my story on the site, it’s kinda different and I want to preview it on the phone too, because I want to see the readers point of view… I hope they fix this soon :frowning:

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Yeah i 100% get you, I prefer previewing on my phone, I only use the preview for spotting quickly or to see how an outfit change runs ahah. Hope it all works out for you and they sort it! :slight_smile:

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