Stolen Links and Used to Be Account

Hey everyone. I am writing this to inform everyone that I just came across someone on Instagram who basically used my old username that I was going to put back due to it was already too late because someone is using it and they have also put my links and Episode Forum that I created that does not belong to them. I am highly upset to the point that was disrespectful to think that account most likely the links and the Episode Forums/ Author’s and Creator’s Credits belong to them when it isn’t. If you come across a person account on Instagram as storiesbycannie that’s not me. I am now known as storiesbycannies (with an S at the end of my username) and which my link is

I remove my links for the purpose reasons that I was going to edit more details in there. Please help me block or report that person because is upsetting.

So far I have to create a different linktree account plus reediting my Episode Forum account and another account.

Thanks in advance!


But it wasn’t being used how how is it really even stolen? Maybe someone else just came up with it, and didn’t know?

Well firstly, that ”@storiesbycannie” which was my actually used to be account name weren’t supposed to be deleted to a new one. Of course, usernames doesn’t come in temporary once you have removed it. Because others going to use that name for their account. But that’s not the whole point, the point is even if I weren’t going to use that same username which was mine personally but the fact they put the links that I create on my Instagram bio before but I remove the links due to certain reasons. Especially my Episode forums and google doc thinking they the one create it when is not them but me. I don’t believe that particular person just came up with it.

If you look at two different Instagram plus the same links although since the links I had before under storiesbycannie were taken so I had to create a new Linktree by going by storiesbycannies (with the S) but yet still change my whole information from what the person put on their so-called Instagram page. So other people will know that those links and google doc belongs to me which is personally called stealing. I even wrote a Google doc deleting everything under ”Author’s and Creator’s Credit” from there and calling whoever that person that stole my links and making it as there’s !

Understand where I’m getting at? @Epiiuser_Queen

Here are the differences:

The account of storiesbycannie that was my username before:

But this person already using it. But that profile is absolutely not mine plus I have not written any stories yet.

Now the links from Linktree are mine when you see at the bottom. But since I don’t use that username anymore, I can’t get into it at all because that person already got it.

This is my new Instagram username:

Now as I clicked on the link: here are the similarity between the person link page and mine.

Keep in mind. I re-edit one of the links name title from my Instagram but you see the same ”My Episode Forums”. Also the person (@storiesbycannie) had ”Author’s and Creator’s Credit” which I the one create that doc. But I’m letting that person keep the old ones because I deleted everything from that old one they have and wrote something for them and those who click on it as well to personally read the note. You see, I have access to My Episode Forums and my Google Doc.


I personally don’t have to explain all this to you. But if you do have an Instagram. Let me know if you understanding where I’m getting at. Because if you were in this position, you will feel like someone is disrespecting you by taking your things that do not belong to them.


Nv? As in short abbreviation of never?

I meant never mind bcuz I understand now

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Either @Jeremy or @Sydney_H can you please close this thread. I forgot to ask that.

Thank you!