Stop hacking passes and gems in your account

Hi guys
So you might be wondering why I made this thread and what was the need??
Well,When you go to any website which is not genuine, and you give the your email,episode id they can hack your whole device?
How can anyone hack by email
Those guys out there are proffesional hackers so they can hack passes in your account. Episode has already mentioned it in there guidelines that when you hack passes your data can be revealed to this whole community which most of us dont want.Even if it worked for you, stop it righ now because you are literally giving them more data per use
The only Way to get more gems is to become a become a featured writer

It better not risking your pesonal data


Thank you so much For Sharing A Beautiful Advice it means a lot!:heart::see_no_evil:


I’m just helping people thankyou


they dont even work, like I tried,


true people just lie


also for people who dont have it get a vpn on your phone to protect it, I recomand phone guardian(only avaible on iphone), the one with the dog max, I have it, works great( I think, honestly like any virus program you dont notice it doing anything)

I also follow the facebok side for the app and people are really postive about the app.


Just a heads up that the forums also have 2-factor authentication you can enable for an added layer of security for your forum account. I believe you can edit it at , If you have any questions about 2fa feel free to dm/pm me and I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:


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