Stop insulting episode authours

By the time I’ve posted this, I probably would’ve regretted it

So, Hello guys
I created this thread because I wanted to talk about all those people on the forums that are insulting and assaulting authors. There is this one person who is always talking about how bad Melia A’s story is. Mainly Him And I because it contains sexual art scenes and the Mc’s always cheating on the two Li’s. And He/she has also mentioned that this is not appropriate for teens. Just to be clear, Eventhough the episode is strictly for 13-14+, many youngers mainly 12-year-olds are filling this community. The episode is not a place for non-teenager kids. I mean episode community stories are only for 14+ BECAUSE THEY CONTAIN SEXUAL SCENES WHICH IS NOT FOR 12 YEAR OLDS

My next problem is with people complaining about Bite my tongue written by Alphan.Episode.You won’t believe what people say about this story! “WHY THE HELL WOULD TEENAGER WANT TO DATE 200 YEAR OLD VAMPIRES?” If that doesn’t seem pathetic to you then tell me what does?? I mean Why?.e

The third problem concerning me is about eat me up by helistories
This is similar to Bite My Tongue, Hence I won’t say much but people are still trying to insult her Which I dont find Nice

Sorry If I have missed out any stories but these are the one which are most alarming to me
so Ifyou have noticed any more stories then please list them down below

And also, don’t think I’m Including LOCO AMOR. Loco Amor is hella problematic and should be taken down. So just keep that in mind

12 year olds are stirctly not to be allowed to see these types of stories and I feel like everyone should/does agrees
I know moderators are constanly doing things to stop this but I feel like nothing’s happening.
Please make the community a better place for all of us.

And yes, If this ever happens to you just rememeber, That’s a reflection of themselves

People need to stop insulting authors because it can ruin someone’s motivation and tell me, how would you feel if someone told you are lazy or your story is horrible

Would you feel good??

I don’t think so


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I agree with this completely! Very well written :blush:

Sorry if you don’t wanna be tagged

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Ya, I never insulted anyone and I personally think that pp that insult are disgusting!!


thanks alot One thing you can do to help is tag more people I would really appreciate it


I will as well!

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Youre right they are showing a reflection of theselves

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Thanks for the tag! :sparkling_heart:

Omg, that‘s so true

Yeah…, I agree with everything you said. :two_hearts:


Totally agree with this! As an author, I would feel totally crushed if I tried my hardest at a story and people hated it for literally following the storyline.


believe it or not
12+ should not see such thins

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YES! Also not everyone hate that one story, sometimes it‘s only one person.


I would hate if that happened to me because I know I have written this story amazing and spent hard work on this but those comments can just ruin your motivation

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Yesssss!! I don‘t really understand these people who just make a thread about a story, that in their opinion is written bad…

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yeah,Every good written story is amazing

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I was tagged in this, so I thought I did something wrong :frowning: :sweat_smile:
But I completely agree, people should stop insulting!

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What I think is, 12 y/o on the app, should be careful or under they’re parents revisions, if the scene shows just kissing that okay, but if the scene shows two pp in underwear kissing each other parts of the body there should be a warning and a way to skip it! But I think that pp from 13 y/o and more can, cause they know how making love works…
And for pp who complain about stories, they make me sick! A people wrote a story, and she tried making as well as she) he could! Why complaining about it?! It’s so disgusting and disrespectful :frowning:


Thnx for the tag @SofiaxD :slightly_smiling_face:
Nd yes I mean, dont ppl have other things to do other than insulting authors who give so many hours of their day to write soooooo good stories!

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thank god for this thread :relieved:, i’ve already made another post about Constructive Criticism Vs. Hate (Constructive Criticism VS. Hating, What's the Difference?), and this is one of the points i tried to make clear that insulting anyone regardless of either being a reader or an author does not make the situation better.

Feedback is only valid when there are points and facts to back it up, and Insults are just mindless attempts to weaken someone verbally, but i guess a lot of users on the forums in general can’t tell these two apart :woman_shrugging:. Fite me. :yawning_face:


Hahaha sorry:)
I completely agree:)