Stop looping animations? Help!

Hey there! I have a scene in which there is a group of people applauding with the animation applaud_happy_loop and I want to cut to another scene, with another background while the characters are still applauding, or at least make them stop at the same time, so it’s not time consuming and boring for the reader to watch.
However, I cannot seem to do that. If I just try to introduce another background, it doesn’t appear because the characters have to stop what they’re doing for the script to move on. Since this animation is a loop, they don’t ever stop.
And if I just try to make everyone be idle all of a sudden, they do it one by one, which is very frustrating.
I am a new writer/coder and I just can’t seem to make this work.
I appreciate the help!

I think that’s a case where you can start the applause with an & command rather than an @, and have a pause for as long as you want to watch them clap.

For example:

&LEE is applaud_happy_loop AND STELLA is applaud_happy_loop AND PEARL is applaud_happy_loop
@pause for 3


If you want to watch them clap for 3 seconds, for example. :slight_smile:

Another tip:

If you want them all to return to idle at once, you can stick all of them together in one line, it allows you to have multiple commands on one line, like:

@LEE is idle AND STELLA is idle AND PEARL is idle

That will have them return to idle all at once. :grin:

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It worked perfectly! Thank you so so much!! :laughing:

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